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Growth on Google: A 2020 Guide
2020 will be the year of the internet. From social media marketing to blogs and website content, taking advantage of all online platforms will be critical in 2020. Having an online presence is key and not showing up on search engine result pages or on Google My Business will make it difficult for potential tenants [...]
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Client Success Stories, SEO and PPC 2019
At The Storage Group, we take great pride in our team of industry-trained professionals, targeting client’s pain points and developing customized solutions to fit your needs. We believe in honest, proven results. Our objective for every client is to craft a tailored plan of action that aligns with your goals and achieves customer satisfaction. Our [...]
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The Importance of the Internet for Facilities
Close your eyes and picture a world without the internet. Actually, don’t close them, because this blog is going to explain the importance of the internet for the self storage industry, and more importantly, your facility. Long gone are the days of phone book marketing, and in are the days where having a digital marketing [...]
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How the DomicoCloud and ClickandStor® Integration Perfects The Rental Process
ClickandStor® is a product of The Storage Group, an internet marketing company that specializes specifically in the self storage industry. For over a decade, The Storage Group has been committed to helping facility owners find digital marketing solutions to day-to-day operations. The Storage Group’s commitment to educate and assist facility owners directly aligns with Domico [...]
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Market Saturation, Pain Points and Solutions for Self Storage
The 2020 forecasts are in - and depending on where you operate, it may not look great. Markets are becoming over-saturated, making it difficult for facilities to thrive. Without adequate occupancy, your facility could struggle to compete. Small facility owners are finding it challenging to keep up with REITs and big-box companies that have larger [...]
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3 Simple Steps to Improving Your Facility’s Rental Process
Renting isn’t what it used to be. As markets become more competitive than ever before, it’s imperative that facilities provide tenants with the tools, features, and security they want. Tenants have expectations, and if your facility fails to meet them, you risk bad reviews, lower occupancy, and ultimately, decreased revenue.  Chances are, your self storage [...]
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The Importance of Real-Time Data
Data is everywhere. It’s used by every major company in every major industry. With so much data available to businesses, you may not be sure if data is an effective way to make business decisions. Did you know that 90% of the world’s data was generated in the last two years? In this blog, we [...]
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Techy Ten: Ten Technology Must-haves in the Self Storage Industry
With so many technologies in the self storage industry, it can be difficult to tell if a product is marketing fodder or actually effective. We’ll discuss how to increase brand awareness with digital marketing. The 10 most important technologies to stay competitive, and how to evaluate the success of your current digital tools and practices. [...]
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Happy Employees, Happy Tenants: A Guide To Employee Retention and Job Satisfaction in Self Storage
In the self storage industry, we spend a considerable amount of time discussing systems processes and procedures that assist in creating an efficient and profitable facility, so much so, oftentimes we neglect the one thing that should receive the most attention - the staff. The modern-day workplace we all function in has been so consumed [...]
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Is Your Website Secure? Website Security in 2019
Chances are you've heard about some of the massive website and data hacks in recent years. Ranging from Target and Capital One to Equifax and even Home Depot. You’ve heard about customers having their information stolen from e-commerce companies, banks, and more. With so much depending on the security of your facility’s website, it’s important [...]
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