ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite

Self Storage’s Only Rental Suite

This is more than a rental tool. ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite is an extensive platform that optimizes revenue, enhances rental security, and increases your facility’s visibility.

ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite is Self Storage’s Most Innovative Product.

We’ve pushed past the industry standard. ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite brings a new experience to self storage. As the first Online Rental Suite, we’ve built features tailored to you and your tenants.

all in one tool

ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite

Extra Security, Branding & Reporting

Limit misinformation and streamline tenant verification. ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite hosts several advanced security features enhancing your facility’s online experience.

Take advantage of everyone’s unique features. SureScan ID Verification is one of the first biometric security technologies packaged for the self-storage industry. It’s secure, efficient, and convenient. Promote tenant accountability and secure the rental process in two simple steps. eSign Lease Customization gives facility owners control of their rental process through ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite’s Performance Dashboard™. Streamline checkout verification and enhance your renter’s experience. Create multiple inputs, assign different leases to a variety of units, and control where eSign begins. Handle the entire checkout process directly from your site with eSign Lease Customization.

ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite

Enhanced Tenant Experience


3D Calculator

Help tenants find the best storage unit to suit their needs with The Storage Group’s innovative 3D Calculator™. This calculator suggests unit sizes in cubic feet based on the type of room or by what items need to be stored in their unit. Integrated with the ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite, 3D Calculator™ is part of the tenant enhancing experience. Ask about how our 3D Calculator™ works to better serve your customers.

value pricing

3D Map & Tiered Value Pricing

Capitalize on your facility’s layout with the 3D Map. Facilities now have Veritec Solution’s state-of-the-art value pricing built directly into their unit maps. Increase rates based on tenant convenience. The 3D Map tool gives potential tenants a bird’s-eye view of your facility. With Tiered Value Pricing, organize your units by Good, Better, Best, based on convenient features such as elevator access or proximity to entrances.

3-D Value Pricing Map

About Veritec Solutions

Veritec Solutions helps self storage operators earn greater revenues and profits through revenue management and pricing analytics. Veritec offers a dynamic automated service to adjust rates within your PMS. Get in touch to learn more today.