The Performance Dashboard™ is a comprehensive online tool that gives you valuable information about your ClickandStor® Online Rentals, Customer Reviews and Website Metrics all in one place! The Performance Dashboard™ lets you know how the website for your self storage, storage container or portable storage business is performing in one, easy-to-use tool.

The Performance Dashboard™ is a cloud-based, all on one platform, self storage Marketing and ClickandStor™ management solution.

Owners and managers of facilities with multiple locations can view information about each location individually or combined all with one login. This excellent value is available to all TSG Clients!


The ClickandStor® portion of the Performance Dashboard™ displays abandonments, bookings, reservations, move-ins, payments and the type of rentals that are most popular. The Abandonment Report section will show information about potential tenants that left ClickandStor® before completing an online rental. These possible tenants can be contacted to see if they would like to continue with the rental process or an email can be sent with a special offer.

Website Metrics

Call Tracking

In the Metrics section, there is a Call Tracking report that shows how many possible tenants have called from the Click to Call feature on your storage website. The calls are recorded and information, such as phone number, date and time, is shown. This feature can help your storage company to identify ways to improve customer service and conversion from prospect to paying tenant over the phone.

Google Ads  

Facilities can monitor their Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign from the Performance Dashboard™.

Facilities can view the following Google PPC data:

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics Report presents information concerning the number of views, visitors by device type, page views, keywords, visitors by city, new visitors by week or month, page views by web browser and what sources your website visitors are coming from. The report provides you with an easy to read, visual representation of your storage website’s critical data. The report allows you to see how TSG is continuously improving your website and providing your storage company with leads and traffic!

My Business Insights

My Business Insights displays data about your facility’s Google My Business listing, including the number of times the listing was:

Ranking Report

The Ranking Report highlights how your self storage company’s website is performing in the top search engines, maps and local listings sites. The report shows how well your website’s organic ranking is based on popular industry-based keywords that potential tenants are searching for. Changes to your website’s ranking over time are shown in a color-coded graph in the Aggregate Ranking Chart section. The Tracker Chart shows improvements to your website’s ranking for individual keywords over the course of time. The Ranking Report section helps you to keep an eye on how well your self storage website is appearing on one of the most popular ways to find self storage, via a search engine! Our SEO team works diligently to provide your storage website with traffic, increased organic search engine rankings and revenue!

Market Intel™

If your performance plan includes Market Intel™, then the Performance Dashboard™ will display unit prices from competing self storage facilities in your local area. This section will also show how your facility’s prices compare in your market, including the average price difference. Competitor prices can be viewed by unit size, storage unit type and more. Self storage facilities can select a specific mile radius to view competing facilities on the map within Market Intel™. Competing facilities are shown by name, address, mile radius from your facility, and star rating. Data about your local target market, including population, median income, and more are available in the Demographics section.

Reputation Management

An exciting feature of the Performance Dashboard™ is that your storage company can monitor and respond to Customer Reviews directly from the dashboard! The Dashboard supports functionality for the most popular review sites, such as Google, Facebook and Yelp. As more potential tenants rely on online reviews when renting a storage unit, having multiple reviews written by real tenants has become essential.

The ability to respond to reviews in a timely manner is a special benefit of the Reputation Management section. Reviews provide your storage company with honest feedback for how to improve and what your business is doing correctly. Thanking each tenant when they post a review, whether it is negative or positive, is imperative. Addressing negative reviews with care is even more important. Not responding to negative reviews can create doubt in the minds of potential tenants that are relying on these reviews when choosing a self storage solution. The Performance Dashboard™ can help your storage company manage what is being said about your services online!


If DynamicListings™ is part of your performance plan, you can view your storage facility’s local listings all in one place through the Performance Dashboard™, including which ones are active, submitted, processing and more.

Performance Dashboard™ Knowledgebase

The Performance Dashboard™ includes a helpful Frequently Asked Questions section and Knowledgebase. These features provide you with information on how to use the dashboard and maximize its benefits. The Knowledgebase contains articles with basic information about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), ClickandStor® and Online Reviews, so that you are more familiar with the report results that are displayed in the dashboard. For additional assistance, the support request option is available at the bottom of the page. At TSG, we believe that you should be able to track how your self storage company’s website is performing in a convenient and easy to use manner. Transparency between our clients and us is key. We strive to deliver results, and we have the tools to prove it to you!

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