Take Control Of Your Business With Our Performance Dashboard™
If you are looking to gain an edge over your competition, you need the information to correctly assess where your business model succeeds and where it does not. That information is in the palm of your hand with The Storage Group's (TSG) Performance Dashboard™. The Performance Dashboard™ allows you to see the success of your [...]
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ClickandStorⓇ is The Best in the Business
ClickandStorⓇ is The Best in the Business Practically every major retailer and store has some form of online order and transaction system. So what sets them apart? You’d be surprised at how different these storefronts can be to the average consumer. While on the surface, these varied storefronts might all seem incredibly similar, under the [...]
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Keeping In Touch With Touchless Services
Keeping In Touch With Touchless Services With the state of the world today, more businesses are opting for all-online transactions to protect both themselves and their customers. This can solve many problems, but also pose new challenges. Online services require a functional website for your clients to access, the data infrastructure necessary to process purchases, [...]
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The Benefits of Reputation Management
The Benefits of Reputation Management You might be a small business owner, you might have a single property that you purchased yourself on a loan. Maybe you’re a millionaire with a half-dozen successful businesses or franchises under your belt. These two hypothetical people share one key thing: The reputation their business has is everything. When [...]
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SEO in 2020 – The Ever Evolving Digital Marketing Practice
Some business owners may be asking themselves, “Do I still need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for my website in 2020?” The answer is YES! SEO is still vital to the success of your online presence. Google considers over 200 ranking factors, including a variety of techniques and components regarding websites when it comes to [...]
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How to Manage Your Self-Storage Facility From A Distance During COVID-19
How to Manage Your Self-Storage Facility From A Distance During COVID-19 Shifting your self storage facility from a fully functioning brick and mortar to almost completely remote can be difficult - especially when the changes must happen at a rapid pace while still operating at a proficient level. Fortunately, modern technology has provided us with [...]
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Growth on Google: A 2020 Guide
2020 will be the year of the internet. From social media marketing to blogs and website content, taking advantage of all online platforms will be critical in 2020. Having an online presence is key and not showing up on search engine result pages or on Google My Business will make it difficult for potential tenants [...]
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Client Success Stories, SEO and PPC 2019
At The Storage Group, we take great pride in our team of industry-trained professionals, targeting client’s pain points and developing customized solutions to fit your needs. We believe in honest, proven results. Our objective for every client is to craft a tailored plan of action that aligns with your goals and achieves customer satisfaction. Our [...]
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The Importance of the Internet for Facilities
Close your eyes and picture a world without the internet. Actually, don’t close them, because this blog is going to explain the importance of the internet for the self storage industry, and more importantly, your facility. Long gone are the days of phone book marketing, and in are the days where having a digital marketing [...]
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How the DomicoCloud and ClickandStor® Integration Perfects The Rental Process
ClickandStor® is a product of The Storage Group, an internet marketing company that specializes specifically in the self storage industry. For over a decade, The Storage Group has been committed to helping facility owners find digital marketing solutions to day-to-day operations. The Storage Group’s commitment to educate and assist facility owners directly aligns with Domico [...]
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