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3 Simple Steps to Improving Your Facility’s Rental Process
Over the past year, renting isn’t what it used to be. As the pandemic led to the increase in online activity throughout all industries, it’s important that storage facilities adopt a streamlined online experience for their tenants. Consumers expect speed, reliability, and accessibility. By failing to meet your tenants’ expectations, you risk losing revenue from [...]
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ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite, More Than A Rental Tool
Imagine fourteen years ago, before Steve Jobs changed the world and announced the first iPhone; before Amazon became part of our daily lives; before society embraced automation. That world is unrecognizable compared to the world we live, as the Internet is now the greatest tool for both people and businesses. In 2021, nearly every major [...]
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Four Reasons It May Be Time To Raise Your Rates
Guest Author: Tracy Sells, Harbor Storage Group Executing rate increases to existing tenants or raising street rates is oftentimes viewed as a cumbersome and daunting process. Thus, it is often avoided. Revenue management can be an uncomfortable subject, but it doesn’t have to be. You may even be thinking, my facility is 90% occupied so [...]
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Five Reasons To Implement A Branded Progressive Web App
As a facility owner, you hear a lot about what your facility needs to market itself efficiently. One of those least frequently-advertised solutions is the Progressive Web App. A powerful technology by Google, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) allow tenants and prospects the ability to instantly download the app from the website onto their phone so [...]
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A Facility Owner’s Guide to SEO: Soaring through Search Rankings
You’ve heard about search engine optimization (SEO) more times than you can count. From webinars, to conferences, to marketing ads, and e-books, there’s an abundance of information designed to make you think about SEO as the best marketing plan for your facility. But it’s not wrong to say that your facility needs SEO – as [...]
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Five Reasons Your Facility NEEDS Biometric Security
Biometric security has become commonplace. Phones, laptops, and computers scan facial structures, irises, and fingerprints to create a security experience tailored to the users, with the occasional added measure of voice verification. As we continue to innovate biometrics and increase ease of access, one thing is clear: biometric verification is vital to the health and [...]
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From Traffic to Tenants: How Marketing & Technology Methods Impact Conversion
You successfully caught the attention of potential tenants with your digital advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), social media posts and website. Now how do you convert them into your tenant?  Providing a convenient method for website visitors to complete unit rentals while on your digital doorstep is imperative. Once your visitors leave your website, winning [...]
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Facility Online Visibility: Why It Matters and What Services Help
Online business is booming while other forms of conventional marketplaces begin to fall behind. In 2020, our ClickandStorⓇ Online Rental Tool increased 157% year-over-year, online payments increased 153% year-over-year and online rentals outside of normal business hours increased 59% year-over-year. With knowledge and proof that tenants are adopting online business models for storage, your facility [...]
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Value Pricing: Create Tenant Confidence & Optimize Your Revenue
With a variety of units at your facility, value-based pricing provides a way to adjust your pricing schemes so a tenant will pay more if they feel a specific unit has a greater worth. For example, your smallest units might be worth a fair amount to those who only need a small amount of space [...]
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Take Control Of Your Business With Our Performance Dashboard™
If you are looking to gain an edge over your competition, you need the information to correctly assess where your business model succeeds and where it does not. That information is in the palm of your hand with The Storage Group's (TSG) Performance Dashboard™. The Performance Dashboard™ allows you to see the success of your [...]
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