July 8, 2024

How Social Media Marketing Can Help Supercharge Your Self Storage Business in 2024

Social media has completely upended classical marketing strategy, turning it into an entirely different beast. Digital marketing is on the rise, and yet, many people in the storage business haven’t taken full advantage of its necessity in modern times.

The fact is, no one in the 21st century is going to walk onto your property and ask about your business. It’s your responsibility to extend yourself to your customers, and there’s no better way to do that than to establish a strong social media marketing strategy that will supercharge your business.

Why It’s Important

Social media is leveraged in two ways:

  •       To expand on customer insight
  •       To expound on market data

When you’re on your customer’s preferred social media, you have access to tons of data about them, your competitors, and the market as a whole. How customers interact with you gives you valuable insight into how they feel about you, your product, and your industry.

The self storage market is rife with competitors. Market data is crucial, so learning more about how your customers interact with your competitors and how they respond is essential for growing and moving strategically.


The Best Ways to Leverage Social Media To Your Advantage

Know Your Demographic

Who are you serving? If you don’t know this crucial piece of information, you’re already behind the game. Let’s get ahead. You should know everything about your customer, including the standard demographic information such as age, gender, income, etc. So, ensure you write out a detailed client persona.

You should also know psychographic information. Many entrepreneurs need help analyzing demographics, but psychographics also need to be taken into account. Geographical location is important, but it certainly doesn’t circumvent psychological considerations like your customer’s needs, wants, desires, and social and cultural mores and norms.

These factors need to all be considered to create a useful and cohesive buyer persona.

Choose The Appropriate Social Media Platform

After you “know your customer,” you have to figure out which social media site they frequent the most. Most marketers divide social media users by age. So, we know Millennials and Gen X’ers log into Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter), and LinkedIn most often. Meanwhile, Gen Z and younger millennials love TikTok and Instagram.

Some platforms might be more useful than others for some industries. For instance, in the self storage industry, videos of spaces and tours might mean that Instagram is a worthy choice. Still, any of them will be useful for you, depending on your demographics and psychographic profile.

Post Content That Resonates

You want to speak to your customers in an authentic voice that appeals to them. As such, mimic the language and tone of your target demographic. When they hear you speak as an authority, they want it to be relevant and timely to their needs.

Make sure everything you post is on brand or related to self storage in some way. Ensure that your posts’ tone resonates with them and their goals. For instance, if your brand voice is classic and formal, don’t throw out a post that’s “goofy” or “silly.” Too much deviance from your brand voice can “turn off” your customer, creating a wall between you.

Having a business without social media in today’s market is like walking around blindfolded. It provides you with such a wealth of information and nuance that you’ll need to catch up to the competition. So, start today, resonate with your audience, and watch your business flourish.

Are you ready to take your social media presence to the next level for your self storage business? Contact us at The Storage Group®, and we’ll ensure that you stay ahead of the competition.