Savana Lucas Mile High Blaze Player #36
April 23, 2024

Savana Lucas: Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Athletes with Mile High Blaze

The Storage Group is committed to community involvement, and one way we are engaging with the community is by supporting women’s sports. We are proud to be sponsoring the Mile High Blaze, a women’s tackle football team based in Colorado.

One of the standout athletes on the team is Savana Lucas, number 36, who serves as a beacon of inspiration to her teammates and fans alike. Savana’s journey in the sport and her passion for the game have made her an integral part of the team and a role model in the community. We interviewed Savana to ask her what it is like to be the newest member of the Mile High Blaze.

Savana dove into sporting endeavors early on in her life, loving competition from a young age. “I started playing sports when I was a child. I played baseball, soccer, and tackle football when I was 5 or 6…This is my first year playing as an adult.”

Breaking Barriers and Embracing Change
Savana was inspired to join the Mile High Blaze women’s tackle football team to shake things up: “I wanted to change my lifestyle and do something different.” She was attracted by the opportunity to return to the action, as there were no women’s teams for football when she was growing up. Team sports offer benefits beyond the physical, providing people with a sense of satisfaction as they work with others in their community to achieve common goals.

Mile High Blaze changes the game and breaks down barriers by consisting of female players in a sport that is traditionally male-dominated. By eliminating boundaries set by outdated societal expectations, team members can focus their energy and time on activities that are fulfilling and engage with the community.

Goals and Aspirations
Playing wide receiver on offense and outside linebacker and cornerback on defense, Savana’s motivations for joining Mile High Blaze were personal: “I want to win. That’s what motivates me!” However, she is excited to be a part of a team where women from all walks of life come together to pursue their athletic dreams.

She loves being part of the Mile High Blaze because it is a team of women from diverse backgrounds. “I also think it’s cool to be on a professional women’s team.” Being a part of the Women’s Football Alliance has required big sacrifices at work, as she can’t be there as much as her other co-workers. It has kept her very busy, and she doesn’t have much time for herself.

Overcoming Obstacles
As a female athlete in a male-dominated sport, Savana has faced challenges, such as equipment sizing. “Everything is sized for boys and men. The struggle has been real!” Despite the obstacles, Savana’s goal for the upcoming season with the team is to help the team win and be a key player on the team, making an impact. Savana’s resilience and determination in navigating these obstacles showcase her as a role model for perseverance.

Inspiring the Next Generation
Savana’s advice for young girls aspiring to play tackle football is to go out and do it. She encourages them to stick with it because if they love the sport, they can now earn scholarships to schools for football. “Another piece of advice would be to not let the boys tell you that you don’t belong. You can be as good as them, even better. There are lots of women who play tackle and flag. You are not alone!”

Fostering Growth and Inclusion
Savana is a great role model for aspiring female athletes and is helping to inspire the next generation of women to pursue their passions and make their mark in sports. “I think more women are seeing other women out there playing, and it’s motivating them to get out there and try it out. Back when I was a kid, I was the only girl in my league playing, and it was intimidating. It’s not like that anymore.”

The potential for women’s tackle football will continue to grow, fueled by the increasing visibility of female athletes like Savana. It is important to create an inclusive environment where all aspiring female athletes feel welcome and supported, and the significance of this will reverberate through generations of women.

Savana’s journey and the impact she’s making both on and off the field as a member of Mile High Blaze is still in its early stages, so who knows where the journey will end. Her success inspires young women and girls to embrace challenges, break barriers, and pursue their passions with unwavering determination. We encourage readers to join The Storage Group in supporting Savana and the team as they strive for success in the upcoming season.