Our social media experts can increase your self storage company’s online presence, tenant engagement and brand image. The social media team specializes in:

If your self storage facility, portable storage company, or storage container business lacks a social media presence, TSG can set up and manage social media accounts on your behalf. As marketing experts in the self storage industry, TSG knows what kind of social media posts will encourage the most potential and current tenant engagement. Social media is also a convenient way to let your tenants know about any business hour changes and important information. Each social media post is posted at the appropriate time for visibility and engagement based on the form of social media and your storage company’s time zone.


Facebook Page Features:


Twitter Account Features:



Does your self storage facility’s Facebook page need a boost?

If you’ve been on a mission to reach potential new and existing tenants in your local area through organic (unpaid) Facebook posts, you know it can be a challenge.  Due to Facebook’s constant algorithm changes, habits which worked before may not be as effective now. Facebook boosted posts may be just the thing that can revitalize your facility’s social media strategy!

Benefits of a Facebook Boosted Post:

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