For facilities looking for a better way to market their self storage auction process, the integration of Self Storage Auction into The Storage Group websites allows facilities to increase revenue by marketing facility auctions online. 

The Self Storage Auction platform integrates seamlessly into The Storage Group’s Pinnacle website design, giving facility owners the ability to appeal to a larger audience of potential bidders by holding their facilities auctions online. Whether your facility is in a rural area or you have little resources to find bidders, Self Storage Auction makes it easier for bidders to find you.

Launched in July 2019, this integration not only provides the opportunity for facilities to integrate auctions directly into their website, but also creates brand trust and drives traffic back to the site. As facilities post their auctions, these can automatically appear and update in real-time on the website. 

Facilities that bundle these products and services with our All-Inclusive Pricing Pack can save $1495 annually!

Key Benefits:

Pricing packages for Self Storage Auction come in a variety of different levels including the Starter À La Carte Pricing Pack and the All-Inclusive Pricing Pack that allows facility owners to save money when incorporating different services and products that The Storage Group offers. 

For more information, check out this blog on How to Market Your Online Self Storage Auctions.

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