Search Engine Optimization - SEO

In-House SEO Team with Premium Updates

According to HubSpot, a leading marketing software company, the top 5 search engine results get 75% of the clicks. Search Engine Optimization is key to attracting more potential tenants to your website.

Individual Website Attention & Personalization

SEO involves optimizing your storage container company, portable storage business, or self storage facility website based on related keywords that potential tenants are searching for in search engines. A high organic ranking through top search engines, such as Google, make it easier for web users to find your website. Our SEO experts stay up-to-date on the latest Google algorithm changes so that your website is continuously improved. Our thorough process includes the SEO Kickoff and quarterly or monthly SEO updates to your storage container business, portable storage company, or self storage facility website depending on your Performance Plan.

Check out our SEO Question and Answer Infographic.

SEO Kickoff Features:

SEO Updates:

  • Market Specific Keyword Research
  • Customized Ranking Report
  • Google Analytics Account Setup
  • Optimized Content with Relevant Keywords
  • Optimized Images
  • Google My Business Setup
  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Google Share Button Added to Website
  • On-Page SEO Setup and Optimization
  • On-Page SEO Updates
  • Search Engine Algorithm Change Updates
  • Monitor Google Search Console & Webmaster Tools
  • Ongoing Ranking Report Customization
  • Monthly Google Analytics Report
  • Monthly Ranking Report

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