ClickandStorⓇ 3.0 is once again revolutionizing the self storage industry with an all new shopping cart platform and Progressive Web Application (PWA). Now storage facilities and vendors can come together to create an enhanced, intuitive, all-encompassing user experience for tenants.

ClickandStor integrates seamlessly with our state-of-the-art Pinnacle website theme. This integration allows for a full PWA website, offering a full-fledged e-commerce experience and personalized tenant portal. 

Facilities can view their ClickandStor online rentals, reservations, abandonments, tenant contact information, and more in the Performance Dashboard™.

Features of ClickandStorⓇ 3.0

  • Clean, user friendly shopping experience (Orders, reservations and checkouts)
  • Receive reviews from clients (Google, Facebook, Yelp)
  • Progressive web app that is mobile and desktop friendly
  • Tenants can take and store their pictures of the units and their belongings
  • Drivers License photo uploads to SL
  • Push Notifications

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ClickandStorⓇ 3.0 Customization

The ClickandStorⓇ 3.0 can be customized to each facility. Facilities can add their brand colors to the buttons and icons on the app and include their logo for greater brand recognition. The layout (grid view vs list view) of ClickandStorⓇ 3.0 is customizable.

ClickandStorⓇ ID Verification

ID Verification for ClickandStorⓇ 3.0 is available for extra peace of mind and an added layer of security.

ID Verification verifies that the person is who they say they are. If the entered information is slightly off, a few security questions will pop up which only that person will know how to answer before they can proceed with the online rental.

Facilities can also require specific security information from tenants when renting a storage unit online, such as:

  • Driver’s License number and state
  • Social Security number
  • Date of Birth

ClickandStorⓇ Upgraded Email Confirmation

With the upgraded ClickandStor™ email confirmation, facilities can include:

  • Facility map
  • Online review buttons
  • Social media buttons
  • Office hours
  • Itemized costs
  • Logo and brand colors


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 See how ClickandStorⓇ Works

Here’s How ClickandStorⓇ 3.0 Works

While renting or reserving a storage unit on your website, tenants will also be able to add a variety of products and services they’ll need during that time. Your website can offer items like packing and moving supplies, truck rentals, tenant insurance, storage unit locks, food items and much more. The possibilities are endless. The goal is to entice the tenants to buy everything they need at one time, in an easy-to-use shopping cart.

There is no additional work for facilities because ClickandStorⓇ affiliate vendors will handle the inventory and all of the shipping.

Large and small facilities will gain a new revenue stream by selling items through ClickandStorⓇ 3.0. Storage facilities can also attract new customers through the online reviews and the social media “Share It” features within ClickandStorⓇ.

This is a win situation for tenants, storage facilities and vendors!

ClickandStorⓇ is Mobile Friendly!

Over 80% of consumers use a mobile device to access websites. Take your mobile website to the next level with ClickandStor! ClickandStor makes it easy for potential tenants to rent with your self storage facility, storage container, or portable storage company online without ever having to leave your mobile website! This process allows your tenants to reserve, rent, or pay for a unit on the go. Tenants can move into their unit soon after completing a rental agreement through ClickandStor Mobile.

ClickandStor Mobile gives your potential tenants the best online rental experience since the tool adjusts to the type of mobile device that is being used. ClickandStor Mobile gives your tenants all the functionality of the desktop version of ClickandStor with the accessibility of using the tool on a mobile device.

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