With The Storage Group’s new state-of-the-art 3-D Value Pricing Map™, operating through our premium online rental tool ClickandStor® 3.0, facilities now have Veritec Solution’s state-of-the-art value pricing built directly into their unit maps, allowing the most desirable units to rent for more. Designed as a live map of available units, pricing can be set for individual units to help increase revenue on more desirable units, such as those near a gate or security camera.

Veritec Solutions is integrated into The Storage Group’s (TSG) new 3-D Value Pricing Map™. The 3-D Value Pricing Map™ operates with TSG’s premium online rental tool ClickandStor®. This cutting edge technology is the first of its kind for the self-storage industry. The Veritec Solutions integration of data with TSG’s state-of-the-art 3-D Value Pricing Map™ provides facility owners with additional revenue optimization and streamlines the tenant rental process.    

The Storage Group’s 3-D Value Pricing Map™ provides a real-time, 3-dimensional and interactive view of a facility layout and pricing options. 3-D Value Pricing Map™ gives prospective tenants an opportunity to select and immediately rent or reserve a unit that best meets their match between price and amenities. They can choose to be close to the facility’s office, on the first floor, by an elevator, entry door, security camera, or any other amenity that an operator identifies. Veritec Solutions’ tiered pricing system reflects the changes in the desirability of a unit based on a variety of factors to create a pricing system that optimizes unit marketability to the tenant while aiding in facility profitability.  

Veritec Solutions gives facility owners dynamic pricing rates. This sets Veritec Solutions apart from the competition by giving facilities the ability to market units to the tenant with value pricing markers (good, better, best unit profile) to drive business more effectively online and increase revenue. This new feature is very similar to the online ticket purchasing process available with live stadium events, such as concerts and professional sports games. By providing more knowledge to help the decision-making process for the customer, this improves buyer confidence with online transactions. By incorporating Veritec Solutions in the online rental tool and 3-D Value Pricing Map™ , facility owners are able to implement pricing strategies that are customized to their facility and their market, increasing profitability. 

About Veritec Solutions 

Veritec Solutions helps Self Storage operators earn greater revenues and profits through Revenue Management and Pricing Analytics. Self Storage operators can subscribe to Veritec’s Self Storage Revenue Management System (fully integrated with multiple Property Management Systems) to obtain guidance on setting starting/web rates for new move-ins, rent increases for current customers, and implementing Value Pricing/Convenience Pricing which is Veritec’s dynamic and automated software for enabling higher rents to be obtained for more convenient and available units within each unit group.  Veritec also provides Revenue Management and Pricing consulting support to Self Storage companies. For more information visit https://www.veritecsolutions.com/ or call +1-650-620-0000 

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