Storage CalculatorTSG’s innovative 3-D Calculator™ integrates with ClickandStor® 3.0 and helps tenants to decide what size of a storage unit would best meet their needs. The storage calculator can suggest unit sizes based on the number of bedrooms at the tenant’s current home or by what items need to be stored in the unit. The calculator will also provide an estimated unit size in cubic feet. Check out the 3-D Calculator™ Demo!

Units sizes are customized according to your PMS (property management system). If your facility does not have a property management system, results are based on popular sized units. The calculator shows a visual representation of the unit with the selected items stored inside. The 3-D Calculator™ is an excellent added value for current and new tenants.

The 3-D Calculator™ is available for clients that have the Executive Performance Plan or Premium Performance Plan. With so many storage options available today, the storage calculator will set your self storage facility apart from other competitors.

Contact us today at to learn how the 3-D Calculator™ can increase the number of rentals at your storage company!

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