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September 5, 2023

Five Reasons Your Facility NEEDS Biometric Security

Originally Published: March 15, 2021

Biometric security has become commonplace. Phones, laptops, and computers scan facial structures, irises, and fingerprints to create a security experience tailored to the users, with the occasional added measure of voice verification. As we continue to innovate biometrics and increase ease of access, one thing is clear: biometric verification is vital to the health and security of your business. Here are five reasons you need to consider implementing biometric security /SureScan in your interactions with tenants:

Everyone is Unique
No one shares the same features. Everyone carries unique features — features used in biometrics to implement security. These characteristics limit the chance of a breach, as our distinctive biological patterns create a security system impossible to replicate on a one-to-one level. The failure rate is otherwise negligible. By opting for biometric security, you take advantage of a one-in-a-trillion breach probability, providing a more secure and fool-proof system to your tenants.

It’s Convenient
Passwords and pins require active participation from consumers. We store passwords and pins in our memories, actively trying to remember them, or we keep them on paper or notepads. These methods increase the chance that clients either lose or forget their passwords, leaving them out of access. Most importantly, these outdated access methods increase the chance of misinformation with potential tenants, limiting potential revenue.

Biometric Security Promotes Accountability
Biometric security promotes added responsibility for potential tenants, while traditional identification systems create a hassle and increased liability for your business.

Imagine a tenant who wants to reserve a unit online. Traditional systems generate and allocate an ID for the client, granting them access as long as they can scan or input their IDs. Now, imagine that same client losing their ID and asking for a replacement – you have now introduced two forms of identification belonging to the same client into your system, doubling the risk of misinformation, as well as unauthorized access on the client side.

Using a biometric system changes the scenario. Imagine the same potential client, except the client now uses a form of biometric security to verify their identity. No IDs lost, no doubled security risk, less liability for you, and more responsibility for the tenant.

It Encourages Growth
Biometric-based security systems are affordable and easy to integrate into your business. Biometrics are also highly scalable, meaning that you can secure more information and services without changing company infrastructure. Furthermore, biometric security is an easier-to-manage viable long-term solution to save time and money, increasing your return on investment and revenue. Switching over to a biometric reservation and verification system means less hassle and time wasted on security, and more time and resources allocated to focusing on growth.

It’s Efficient
Biometric security increases efficiency, leaving your business to run smoothly. For tenants, it means one less password to remember and one less password to use; it’s as easy as using a selfie to identify yourself. For you, it means that there’s less to manage and an easier workload to keep track of. Overall, biometric systems are less confusing and generate less risk than traditional security systems.

So, trust in SureScan ID Verification. Introduced to the ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite in 2021, SureScan ID Verification gives your storage facilities the added safety of biometric verification. As one of the first biometric ID verification technologies in the storage industry, SureScan protects you and your facilities from tenant misinformation.

This new service allows tenants to upload their driver’s license along with a recent photo of themselves; the image is then compared to a national database and cross-referenced with the client’s uploaded photo. For your facilities, this means that verification and identification of tenants is as easy as uploading a picture. By making the rental process easier and accessible, you ensure the longevity and security of your business, all while maximizing revenue and focusing on growth.

Lessen the hassle, lessen the risk, and lessen liability by implementing SureScan ID Verification to your online rental process today.