February 17, 2023

Don’t Skimp on Digital Marketing

Economic downturns are inevitable. Nothing lasts forever, including economic prosperity. As a business owner, you must learn to be flexible and work with the tools and resources you have to make the most out of your situation.

Cutting the digital marketing aspect of your overall budget is detrimental to the success of your self-storage business. As a business owner, you’re practical, and cutting frivolous spending is probably your first order of business. The first budget cuts go to creative, keeping valuable services. However, digital marketing is more beneficial than you think.

With the world moving its base of operations to the digital sphere, securing your place in the digital landscape will help your business. This post is here to show you why digital marketing is not a frivolous expense, and removing that strategy from your day-to-day will hurt way more than it will help.

Save Money
The major reason companies cut their budget in the digital landscape is that they believe it will save them money. That’s true–for the short term. However, as a business owner, you must look ahead to the future rather than short-term budgeting goals. Traditional advertising is an expensive venture. Digital marketing is not only more cost effective than traditional avenues of marketing, but you are also saving more money in the long run through longevity and smart strategies.

Keep Track of Everything
The benefit of internet marketing is the amount of control you have over all of your metrics. With dashboards and online tools, you can measure how effectively your online marketing is impacting your business. Email marketing is a good example. When mailing out traditional methods of advertising, you have no way of knowing who looked at the mail you sent in and who didn’t. Email marketing is a way to track who sees what and which of your focused clientele are reading your emails and which are sending them to the trash.

Experience Flexibility
Marketing within the digital sphere comes with advantages that traditional advertising just can’t keep up with. In print advertising, you can’t take back the flyers and door hangers you have produced because you have a tangible element to your strategy. And if your company needs to make any changes or tweak pricing, you will either need to delay utilizing all of your marketing print-outs, or you’re losing money and throwing away pieces of print that are no longer relevant.

Establish Targeted Messaging
While renting a billboard on the highway will make a big splash, with this type of traditional advertising, your message is spread wide, but it isn’t targeted. Billboards and banners and other traditional methods of advertising have a flat rate with no guarantee of your messaging reaching the right audience.

Don’t Get Left Behind
It’s a common misconception that a self-storage business doesn’t need advertising, since people believe those who need it will seek it out. There are a few reasons why this is incorrect. For one, those who own and operate a self-storage business know all too well that although the industry is growing, storage units don’t sell themselves.

Another reason is brand recognition. Coca-Cola is one of the world’s largest companies, selling its products on a global market for several decades. The company still advertises as a way to reinforce its brand and the messaging they push. Though your self-storage facility isn’t on the same level as Coca-Cola, the familiarity of your business starts with the general public knowing your company exists.

The last reason you want to include digital marketing in your business strategies is that your competitors are already utilizing these methods. Big companies saturate the online market, taking away the engagements and ranking that your company deserves. Digital marketing is a way to even the playing field and competes with bigger brands.

Entrust your digital marketing strategies to the experts. The Storage Group has been in the business of creating effective digital marketing strategies and high-tech software solutions for self-storage owners and operators for over a decade. Marketing on the internet is not going away anytime soon, so planting your business firmly in the digital landscape is your best bet in keeping your business successful in an ever-changing market.