December 5, 2022

Storage and Community Involvement: Why it Matters

As an entrepreneur, growing your own storage facility will require methods you may never have thought of before. Marketing and advertising have permeated the digital world, and the need to stand out from the dozens of other scroll ads and banners is more essential now than ever.

Self-storage may not be necessary for everybody, but over the last few years, the need for storage has been steadily increasing, and so now there exists a market that didn’t exist before. Put your company at the forefront of the minds of the individuals in your community. Below are some ideas to get involved and shine a positive light on your business.

Ways to Get Involved

Community Events

Small-town pride comes in many forms, and communities coming together to celebrate is a tradition all across the country. You, as a business owner, should be participating in these events. There is always plenty of room to get involved. Volunteer as a company in the form of participating in various holiday parades. The smaller the town, the more appreciative its residents are of a local business that hosts car shows, music festivals, and harvest festivals. There is plenty of help that these organizations need to set up and run during these events, and offering crucial support helps both your community and cause.

Local School Events

Whether it’s high school football games on Friday nights or school events that include school concerts and festivals, putting your company at the forefront will serve you well. Get involved as a business owner in school booster clubs as a silent supporter. There is also a lot left to be desired as far as community-enriching clubs and after-school programs. It’s not only good for optics to lift up the members of your community, but on a personal level, it’s a satisfying motivation.

Charity Events

Locally run charities are often founded and run by locals themselves. Charity doesn’t always have to be financial, and donating resources, such as your time, equipment, or space can be contributions that become more valuable than any check you write.

You can also host charity events at your facility by having food or toy drives, charity car washes, and donation drop-offs. Getting creative and putting forth genuine effort builds a lasting foundation for being a pillar in your region.

The Benefits of Involvement

As a small business owner, you’re working long hours with few to no days off. You work hard to grow your company. You’ve taken the first step by either hiring a digital marketing advertising agency or taking on the role of advertising on your own. But working on your business day in and day out, some patterns emerge. You can get a general idea of the demographic of your target market. Don’t let your hard work go to waste by not realizing the vantage point you have in your line of work.

You’re Creating Brand Awareness

Involving your company within the community is a form of advertising. By putting your brand out there, you are creating brand awareness. Every banner at every parade and every booth at every festival is a chance for potential customers to see your company. And although the world of marketing and advertising has evolved over the years, word-of-mouth advertising is still incredibly powerful.

You’re That Local Business

You’re the company that everyone around town knows. You support fellow small businesses. Your company logo is on the banner hanging on the field during a high school football game. You’re often on the long list of local sponsors for any event or drive. You become known around the community. You build trust, and with that trust comes benefits that come back tenfold. A company’s success is hinged on its reputation, so it’s best to have a great one.

You and your company are already part of the community you live in. You employ members of the community, pay state and local taxes, and persist on the pulse of the local economy. You don’t just want your business to survive, but to thrive, and the only way to receive more is to give more. There is truth to the old saying that you get what you put out into the world, so why not give the best of yourself?

The Storage Group knows what it takes to be an active participant in our communities. TSG is the leader in storage internet marketing and software solutions. As a business owner, you don’t have to do this alone. Whether you need to ramp up your online presence or need help in coordinating ways to help grow your business, we can help.