November 3, 2022

Black Friday Ideas for Self-Storage Made Simple

The official holiday in the US in November is Thanksgiving, but arguably just as observed is the tradition of Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. More recently, Cyber Monday has taken hold as the other unofficial holiday in November. The timing makes sense as taking advantage of deals to gift your loved ones for the upcoming holidays is the most cost-effective way to shop.
Whether you have qualms about the timing of Black Friday or you are one of the many who likes to camp out by a store after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is here to stay. As a self-storage facility owner and operator, there is more than just one deal to take advantage of around this time. Using the holiday to your advantage could be a way to boost sales during an otherwise slower season.

So what does Black Friday have to do with your facility?

You know your customers need self-storage because of a lack of space. If you’re running your business right, you as a facility owner should find ways to advertise your business in a way that customers can utilize. Targeting the demographic of your customers will generate more leads and sales than blindly advertising.
This time of year, Black Friday refers to businesses’ profits being in the black rather than the red. With so many companies taking advantage of this time, your business can and should do the same.

How can your facility take advantage of Black Friday?

Take advantage of this Black Friday by gearing your advertising and digital content to highlight the advantages of self-storage to keep your Black Friday purchases. Offer promotions and deals during this time to match what other businesses are doing this time of year. Make your facility take center stage by being at the forefront of potential customers’ minds. You can use this to your advantage by:

Offering Black Friday storage deals. People want to keep their purchases in a safe place, and storing those surprise gifts at home may not be a viable option. Corner the market by offering storage prices exclusive to the holiday season, so customers can rent from you for a month or two while they hide their presents. It may only be a temporary boost for the last part of the fiscal year. However, if the campaign is successful, you can expect that boost in business every year thereafter.

Supplying a means to donate. It’s that time of the year when donations for the less fortunate skyrocket. You are in the business of storing extra belongings that people own but have nowhere else to store them. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and set up a charity drop-off for your facility. Renters should be encouraged to donate by cleaning out their spaces of extra items. Encourage the donation of clothes and toys. Not only is this a great aesthetic for your company, but helping out in your local community leaves lasting impressions.

Providing a space for holiday decorations. If your facility does not sell storage supplies to patrons, consider doing so. Items such as hooks and straps, boxes and bags, and tarps and covers are excellent storage tools to have on hand. Some people take the holidays very seriously, and their decorations are seriously hardcore. Offer an alternative to garage or basement storage and list all the benefits that customers can take advantage of to organize and display their holiday spirit.
As a storage facility owner, you wouldn’t think much of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as on the outside, those holidays have nothing to do with your business, right? Not exactly. With a bit of creativity and planning, your business can also take advantage of the black part of Black Friday.
These sound like great ideas, but how do you even begin doing something like that? The Storage Group has got your back. We are a digital marketing and software solutions company exclusively partnering with self-storage facilities to market their business and generate sales. If you’re unsure of where to start, contact us today and we can come up with these ideas and more to help grow your operation.