August 29, 2022

The Storage Group Partners with Toy Storage Nation in Revamping Digital Marketing Efforts, Launches Website

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL – The Storage Group is announcing the partnership the launching of the website of Toy Storage Nation.

We are excited to announce The Storage Group has partnered with Toy Storage Nation. Steve Lucas, CEO and Managing Partner at The Storage Group has joined the advisory board for Toy Storage Nation. The companies have also announced their partnership in revamping the digital marketing efforts of Toy Storage Nation. Both companies look forward to a great partnership that will serve the needs of Executive Class RV business owners within the storage industry.

Toy Store Nation defines itself as, “The Voice of Recreational Vehicle Storage.” As an information technology service provider, Toy Store Nation specializes in being an advocate partner for the expanding Executive Level Class A and A+ Recreational Vehicle Storage Industry. Executive Level Class A+ Facilities are defined as state-of-the-art recreational vehicle storage facilities, with top-of-the-line security and technology utilized in simple and effective ways for the customer.

The Storage Group will build a new website for Toy Storage Nation to enhance and expand upon information for this growing industry. The new website along with the critical digital marketing efforts of The Storage Group, will propel Toy Storage Nation and drive the company
to meet and exceed the expectations of its client base. “I am honored to be joining the advisory board of TSN,” says Steve Lucas, “We’re excited to see where this new partnership will take us and what it means for the future of both companies. We’re confident that with our track record of proven success, we will take TSN to the next level in digital marketing strategies.”

Amy Bix, the Director of Sales and Co-Owner of Toy Storage Nation says, “We are excited to announce that Steve Lucas, CEO and Managing Partner of The Storage Group, has accepted a position on Toy Storage Nation’s Advisory Board. We are equally thrilled to be working with The Storage Group to manage our Toy Storage Nation website and marketing. We look forward to much success with our new partnership with The Storage Group.” “Working with The Storage Group will propel us to the next level as the Toy Storage Nation brand grows and evolves,” says Judy Blanchard, Marketing Director of Toy Storage Nation.

About The Storage Group
The Storage Group is a digital marketing agency. They specialize in cutting-edge self-storage technology products and services. They have developed innovative technologies, including the industry’s first online rental suite, ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite. They also provide services in digital marketing, website design, software development, and search engine optimization. With the implementation of these technologies and services, The Storage Group has the leading edge over the competition and provides excellent customer service and improved industry standards.

About Toy Storage Nation
With over 100 years of combined experience in B2B self-storage and media industries, Toy Storage Nation has identified the need to advocate for Executive Class RV and boat storage facilities. As RV and Boat sales increase, the demand for Executive class RV and Boat storage will continue to climb. Toy Storage Nation’s mission is to be, “The Independent VOICE of the Recreational Vehicle Storage Industry.”