August 3, 2022

4 Benefits of Your Storage Facility Going Contactless

There has been a huge shift in technological integration since the wake of the pandemic in 2020. The need to adapt to the new, socially distanced society was thrust before us, and companies only had one choice if they wanted to get out of the historical event unscathed: adapt. Grocery stores and restaurants began the integration with emerging technological advancements to serve their customers in new, flexible ways. One of these modifications included contactless services. Contactless is here. The world is ready for change, and how you acclimate makes all the difference in your storage facility succeeding or failing.

You may feel that as a storage facility operator, since the ebbing of the pandemic, that contactless is no longer necessary, but that isn’t necessarily true. With technological advancements comes the adaptation of a new way of life.

Contactless is all about convenience: convenient rentals, convenient customer service, convenient accessibility, and a convenient way to pay. The benefits that the customers enjoy get passed along to your business. And with ease of use and no limitations, contactless gives you an edge over your competitors. Here are 4 benefits that your business will enjoy, should you choose to adopt contactless for your storage facility.

Convenient Rentals

Over the last decade, online shopping has exploded and changed the way consumers shop. Browsing on the web is much more convenient than taking the time to drive to individual stores and shopping around. There’s no need to stop for gas or change into something decent. Your rental options should be online on display as well if you want to keep up with a growing online market.

With tools like The Storage Group’s ClickandStor® web tool and Storage Calculator, customers can browse through the options your storage offers with ease. They also have access to information they will need in their self-storage experience that is fast and freely available to them.

Providing easy access to storage rentals online allows you as a facility owner to reap the benefits of contactless technology. The process is streamlined. Now, conversions are more likely to happen and become faster, generating more sales in the process.

Convenient Customer Service

With the sale of any products or services, customer service is an integral part of smoothly running a business. And with the introduction of telecommuting work in the last few years, customer service provides personable interactions with customers while maintaining the cost-saving method of remote work. The transition to touchless tech and services is likely to experience growing pains. By having that support for your customer base at all hours of the day, you can maintain good customer relations while saving both time and money.

By providing customer service online or by phone, customers have access to your services at all times instead of being limited to the hours of operation.

Convenient Accessibility

When it comes to accessibility to your facility, the primary concern for your customers is how much access they have to their belongings. Having to rely on a business being opened and staffed is inconvenient and time-consuming. With touchless technology, especially with the advent of key entry through your mobile device, accessibility issues become a thing of the past. The whole point of customers paying for their leases every month is to be able to store their stuff and come back to it any time they want.

Convenient Payments

Processing payments in the digital sphere has never been easier or more secure. Now, your customers can pay their bills online on their mobile devices. Ease of use and reduction in costs is what customers want when purchasing products and services. By making the payment process simple and convenient, you’re saving time and money, which only gets passed to your business. Customers will also continually return to use your services if their simple and reliable.

The overarching goal of contactless is the integration of technology into your business. This technology only benefits your business, as it usually streamlines processes and saves money and resources. Keeping up with the latest trends will make or break your business. That’s not to say that jumping on every tech fad that pops up in the news is a good idea but compete with your competitors by keeping up with industry trends. Contactless is the newest installment of technological advancements in the self-storage industry, and with how successful it was in implementation, the method of switching your business model to include this will only help, not hinder your success.