February 8, 2022

5 Things You Can Do to Manage Your Facility Reviews

Reviews are important to your brand. We recently discussed how to get more reviews in a past blog. Now, we’re going to talk about how to manage your facility’s reviews.

Understanding what people are saying about your storage facility is important. Why? So you can take action on their criticism and implement feedback. This is important to the growth of any business.

Here are five things you can do to manage your reviews:

Learn where your customers leave reviews.

People leave reviews across dozens of websites. A quick Google search of your company should showcase everywhere you have reviews and anywhere customers can leave them. Only go as far as the second or third page of your search, even use an incognito window to see what might be found without your past internet history in the way. This helps you understand what people are saying about you and where they’re saying it.

Google, Facebook, and Yelp are the main authority sites for reviews. This means that people trust reviews from them more than other sites and directories. Be sure to mark where people leave reviews because you’ll need them for the next steps.

Claim your listings.

You should claim your business for a variety of reasons. From building consistent branding to optimizing SEO, you can’t manage reviews without claiming your business listings.Follow the instructions for claiming your business listing for each site you have a listing on. The most important part about claiming your listings is making sure your company name, phone, and address are the same across all platforms. If you spell out North on one but abbreviate it on another it could cause issues. We recommend that you keep a list of these sites, who can access them, and how to access them.

There are various tools to help you aggregate all of your review sites since managing all these listings can be a major headache.

Set up alerts for when you get a review.

Now that you’ve claimed your business, you need to set up active alerts for whenever someone leaves a review.This is a crucial step in managing your reviews. You can’t manage reviews without knowing when they come in. Notifications help you keep track of and maintain reviews.

Respond to reviews.

Responding to reviews, good or bad, shows your customers that you care. People trust companies that respond well to criticism. Companies who only respond to good reviews look less trustworthy and tend to lose out on potential business. Remember, good business is about enhancing the customer experience. Showing the good and bad demonstrates a dedication to creating a comfortable environment for your potential tenants.

Have a plan for bad reviews.

Bad reviews happen. What’s your plan for handling criticism? To consumers, it’s key that they understand your business is there for them. Bad reviews don’t mean bad business. Sometimes, they can be a sign of a simple misunderstanding. Reach out to customers with legitimate grievances. Having a plan in place for customer outreach is good business. . Everyone’s approach and policy is different, but having a framework for responding to bad reviews is important to building a great relationship with your customers.