February 1, 2022

Growing Your Brand with Community Involvement

Community involvement can make a huge difference in your business. People rarely look for self storage away from their homes. As a facility owner and manager, you need to key in on opportunities for involvement. Make an investment into the community and the community will reinvest into you.

Become a positive force in your community by using your time, resources, and power to affect change. That’s the driving idea behind community involvement.

You can contribute in any fashion, but you need to look at involvement strategically. Otherwise, you lose out on resources that can be spent on your business. We’re not saying to guard your heart unless it’s mutually beneficial. Our suggestion is to look at causes actively affecting you and your community.

People know when you’re just throwing money into your public image. It’s true – taking an interest in your community can benefit your facility and brand. There’s nothing better for your marketing than taking charge and becoming a positive community figure. But it needs to come from the heart.

How can you get involved?

Community Leadership

If your facility is in a town that holds council meetings, then get involved with community leadership. There’s no easier way to stand out than by taking an active leadership role in the community. Even if it’s for something as simple as noise ordinance, or for something as complicated as building a new park, become an active voice in your community. People remember individuals that affect change.

Sponsorships and Donations

Donating to causes close to your heart is an easy win. You can donate money or give away a unit for a time. Think about where you and your community overlap. What are some ways that you can use storage to make a difference?

Getting involved is simple. Do you have a ton of college renters that also play sports? Sponsoring the intramural league at the local college is a great idea. Are you passionate about the education in your community? Then donate to a local school or after school program.


Become an active member in your community by volunteering. Set up volunteer days for your company at different charities or use your parking lot to host an event.

Do you have a ton of animal lovers in your company? Volunteer at the local shelter and become a drop-off point for a donation drive. Are the environment and green practices a pillar of your business? Look into planting a tree or hosting a recycling event at your facility and encourage your community by taking the first step.

There are hundreds of ways to be involved in your local community both as an individual and a business. By being involved in a meaningful and authentic way, you can increase employee happiness, brand awareness, and even your bottom line.