January 18, 2022

3 Books You Should Read as a Storage Facility Leader

Business is an ever-changing game. Owners are constantly learning new ways to improve their business and better serve their customers. Here are three books we think self storage facility owners should read. These books all have an interesting view on business we think can help you better manage your facility.

The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry

Business and entrepreneurship is a creative endeavor. For most people, learning how to create on demand is a very hard lesson. It’s equally as challenging in the always-changing self storage industry. However, Todd Henry provides a myriad of tools and tips to help you become more in tune with your creative side. This book is about finding the next great creative idea for your business and implementing it.

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Your customers are the center of your business. As a facility owner or operator, you need to understand why they come to you. “Why?” is a question business owners should always ask.


  • are you changing your business?
  • did you choose this location?
  • did you open a self storage facility?

“Why?” is at the center of everything. It’s the single-most important question you need to ask to successfully run your self storage business.

The E Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber

This book helps you build a more self-sufficient business. Can your business run without you? Gerber takes a hard look at business from a story-telling approach, showcasing where businesses’ largest weaknesses lie and how you can turn them into strengths. For any self storage owner or operator business owner looking to turn their business into a self-sustaining revenue machine, this book is a must.

Learning is essential to business. As we learn new things, we implement them into our strategies, perspectives, and cultures. Entrepreneurship thrives as we progress and learn new and interesting things. In our ever-changing industry, it’s important that we adapt with the newest trends. What is your favorite business book to suggest for learning about business? Head over to our social media, let us know, and help us expand our list.