June 9, 2021

Tiered Value Pricing and 3D Map Drawing Tool

For Immediate Release

The Storage Group Updates ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite with In-House Tiered Value Pricing and Beneficial 3D Map Drawing Tool

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL (September 14, 2020) – The Storage Group announced today two industry-changing updates to its ClickandStor®, an online rental suite created to provide contactless transactions for self storage facilities tenants. Through new tiered value pricing, facilities can define units as Good, Better or Best and label in the online rental tool. With the 3D Map Drawing Tool, facilities will be able to draw the facility on the unit level and include an optional description of the unit location in the 3D Map.

“We are excited to offer storage facilities valued, tiered pricing as a beneficial revenue enhancement tool. By marking the price of units as Good, Better and Best, and showing a percent increase or decrease for that unit size, it drives urgency for the tenant to act upon a specified unit,” said Steve Lucas, CEO and Partner of The Storage Group.

The Storage Group released the first value pricing feature through an online rental tool in the Fall of 2019 with Veritec Solutions. With the new addition of this feature directly offered through ClickandStor®, this enhancement provides choice and affordability to various portfolios of all sizes. Through the latest release, The Storage Group has prioritized revenue optimization through unit pricing and demand, especially as facilities move primarily to contactless features. The importance of a powerful digital presence is also why they created the 3D Map Drawing.

“Our 3D Map Drawing Tool allows facilities the ability to draw a 3D Map if their property management software does not currently support it. After they easily draw their facility in the performance dashboard, they can personalize it with helpful unit descriptions that tenants find important, such as ‘located by the elevator’,” Lucas said.

Through the two new services offered to its ClickandStor® product, The Storage Group continues to provide facilities a way to improve their digital presence, increase their revenue opportunities and enhance their tenant experience.

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