June 9, 2021

eSign Lease Customization Press Release

For Immediate Release


New eSign Lease Feature Offers One Customized Lease To Cover Multiple Units Or Customized Leases For Independent Unit Rentals

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL (February 9, 2021) – The Storage Group announced today the release of two new eSign lease customization features that provide facilities the option to opt for one lease to cover multiple units or customize leases on a unit-by-unit basis. The eSign customization feature also allows facilities to offer digital leases independently of their property management software (PMS), no longer requiring this feature from the PMS. 

“We are excited to give facilities a new way to customize their tenant leases. Not only does it streamline the lease rental options they come across, but it provides a more beneficial, easier way to organize them as well,” said Steve Lucas, CEO of The Storage Group. “Typically there is only one lease available, but this allows facilities to have one for self storage, one lease for an RV or a Boat, etc.”

The lease customization comes after facilities have shown interest and requested changes to the standard one-lease only option most rental tools offer available through the facility’s PMS. 

“The feedback from our clients is important to us,” Lucas stated. “They use the technology every day, so their suggestions and experiences are given a lot of thought and attention when planning improvements and updates to our current products and services.” he said. 

The eSign lease options will be provided to facilities, signed and delivered digitally through The Storage Group’s industry-leading online rental tool, ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite. 

About The Storage Group 

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