April 11, 2021

Five Reasons To Implement A Branded Progressive Web App

As a facility owner, you hear a lot about what your facility needs to market itself efficiently. One of those least frequently-advertised solutions is the Progressive Web App. A powerful technology by Google, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) allow tenants and prospects the ability to instantly download the app from the website onto their phone so they can easily check their account, pay their bill, rent a unit or buy supplies. The notification appears on the mobile phone as well as a desktop.

This allows facilities to focus their attention on building a solid customer experience to retain renters and increase conversions through a branded facility app on their tenants’ phones.

However, if you are still questioning whether your facility needs a PWA, here are five reasons to implement a progressive web app for your facility:

1. PWAs are faster than traditional apps. 

Studies show that PWAs are up to 50% faster than traditional apps. PWAs are also 15 times faster to install, and load at an average pace of 2.5 seconds per click. Faster load times allow users to access the information they need without having to wait, giving them more time to learn about your product rather than waste time on a loading screen. 

Each second a customer spends on your site is valuable: 53% of users abandon sites that are too slow – conversions can be the difference between milliseconds. 

2. Users spend more time on your site. 

Opting for a PWA also saves facility owners the additional cost of developing a native mobile app and due to how fast it takes to access a PWA, users spend more time on your site. Forbes found that when they switched over to a PWA, average user sessions doubled in length. Essentially, because users accessed information faster, they spent more time looking for information. 

3. PWAs increase app usage length over time. 

Native mobile app users rarely download updates. On average, over 20% of mobile app users remain on older app versions, missing out on crucial updates and new services. 

With PWAs, users don’t need to download updates to keep using your service. The mobile app download statistics reveal that 78% of US smartphone users don’t complete a transaction if a company requires them to download an app. This damages customer relations, as 80% of users say they get frustrated at the prospect of having to download an app (Source: Digital Information World). Being able to instantly download a branded app right from the facility website is really convenient and fast. Updates even happen in the background so you don’t have to go to the App Store to update.

4. PWAs lead to an increase in conversions. 

As new and potential tenants spend more time on your website and less time on loading screens, your facility is bound to see an increase in conversions. By switching to a PWA, Lancôme saw a 17% increase in conversions, 50% increase in mobile sessions, and a 15% decline in bounce rates.* Overall, opting for a PWA led to an increase in all of the company’s business metrics, and can lead to the same for your facility. 

5. PWAs take up less space than traditional apps. 

Since users aren’t downloading an app to their phones, PWAs take up to 25 times less storage space than traditional apps. Additionally, PWAs take up 70% less data than native mobile apps. This allows for an immersive, fast experience with less inconvenience to your customers. 

Our branded PWAs provide tenants the option to access your website and rental tool from their phone, allowing them to rent, move-in, and make payments at any time, from any location. 

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*Information provided by Tigren