March 16, 2021

The Storage Group Disrupts Industry With Exciting Leadership Promotions


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 The Storage Group Disrupts Industry With Exciting Leadership Promotions

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL (March 16, 2021) – The Storage Group, an advanced marketing and technology company, recently announced the promotion of Jody Mann to Director of Operations and Kevin Calim to Production Team Manager.

As long-time members of the The Storage Group family, the recent promotions come as no surprise. 

Both Mann and Calim have dedicated several years of employment with the company, elevating the company’s status to unprecedented levels and positioning The Storage Group as one of the best storage marketing firms in the industry.

“Kevin and Jody are two of the best minds in the business, exemplifying the quality of our team. Their drive alone has pushed the industry forward,” said Steve Lucas, CEO/Managing Partner of The Storage Group. “It’s humbling to think about the level of success we’ve been able to have. Part of it comes from the family we’ve built here at The Storage Group. You have to hire the best to be the best, and we’ve taken our hiring process worldwide. We’re going to keep upping the ante — staying ahead of industry trends.” 

Jody Mann, the newly appointed Director of Operations, joined the company in 2015. Her understanding of the storage industry and marketing made her a valuable addition to the team. Now, Mann overlooks every department, using her experience and knowledge of the industry to aid marketing, search, and client-side efforts.

“I believe in our products and services,” Mann stated. “I’m dedicated to The Storage Group’s success and the success of our clients. And it’s not just me. Working for this company for as long as I have, I’ve seen us build an incredible and diverse team of people who believe in what we offer as much as I do. We’re doing something special here and I’m excited to help us keep growing in whatever way I can.”

Kevin Calim, the new Production Manager, also joined in 2015. Under his lead, the production team has launched hundreds of successful websites to meet client needs. Calim streamlined The Storage Group’s production – efficiency and efficacy are his most touted talents.

“We have great things on the way,” Calim said. “To say I’m used to this success would be a lie. Every day I come into work, and I’m surprised at how many businesses we’re reaching and how much our product has changed since 2015. The projects on the way are indicative of how we’ve been able to adapt with the latest trends.”

Today’s changes to company leadership demonstrate the company’s commitment to advancing storage technologies and “staying ahead of industry trends,” as Lucas remarked. 

With the recent additions of dynamic pricing and SureScan ID verification to the ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite platform, The Storage Group continues to stand by this commitment.

About The Storage Group 

The Storage Group is a digital marketing agency specializing in cutting-edge self storage technology products and services, including the industry’s first online rental tool, ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite. They also provide website design, digital marketing, search engine optimization and software development, ensuring industry success and an improved customer experience.  

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