December 11, 2020

Facility Online Visibility: Why It Matters and What Services Help

Online business is booming while other forms of conventional marketplaces begin to fall behind. In 2020, our ClickandStorⓇ Online Rental Tool increased 157% year-over-year, online payments increased 153% year-over-year and online rentals outside of normal business hours increased 59% year-over-year. With knowledge and proof that tenants are adopting online business models for storage, your facility visibility is a priority.

online visibility

Online visibility plays a significant role when a potential tenant looks for storage solutions. How easy is it for your facility to show up when tenants do a Google Search? Where do you rank against local competitors? Do you have a social media account and online tenant reviews? Having the assistance of a knowledgeable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team can assist with making your facility stand out in the search engine result pages. As you rank higher on the page, your online visibility will increase conversions through visits on your website. An experienced pay-per-click team will increase website clicks using researched keywords, and a trusting social media team will keep your online presence consistent and informative. 

The importance of your online visibility doesn’t stop there. Your website is important in several ways. First, it provides a detailed description of who you are and what services you offer. But with recent trends, visitors now expect a solution to reserve, move-in and pay digitally. Our Pinnacle websites are specifically designed to offer a seamless way for website traffic to make a transaction through our ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite. Not only will your brand colors remain consistent through the process, ClickandStor® offers quick and convenient purchasing power from home computers, tablets, or smart phones with a Progressive Web App (PWA). The PWA provides an instant downloaded branded app at lightning-fast speed. Plus, it allows the ability to send push notifications to tenants. By putting your product in the palm of their hand, you are giving them what they are looking for, a simple way to rent or pay online.

If the convenience of an easy check-out process still requires time to think from website visitors, your facility remains top-of-mind with our unique abandonment email service. Anyone who abandons their online reservation will automatically receive an email reminding them they can quickly complete their online unit transaction at any time. Plus our abandonment email service includes the option to add in coupon codes; a way to drive urgency to check-out through a discounted offer.

Finally, increase visibility and conversion on your website through Market Intel, a service found inside your Performance Dashboard. With Market Intel, easily view unit pricing of local competitors within a specific mile range. Once you compare prices between similar unit sizes and other variables, such as unit location, etc., adjust your facility pricing to competitive pricing that will increase online rentals.

Although online visibility may seem overwhelming, with the right marketing guidance and beneficial services, your facility will increase brand awareness, drive more traffic to your website and increase tenant conversion.

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