September 22, 2020

Take Control Of Your Business With Our Performance Dashboard™

If you are looking to gain an edge over your competition, you need the information to correctly assess where your business model succeeds and where it does not. That information is in the palm of your hand with The Storage Group’s (TSG) Performance Dashboard™. The Performance Dashboard™ allows you to see the success of your marketing via clicks from ads or links and monitor the performance of ClickandStorⓇ. Statistics tracked include abandonments, bookings, reservations, move-ins and the units which are most popular with your specific market. dashboard

What are abandonment reports? These are generated every time someone visits your website and begins to fill out information for a reservation, but does not complete their reservation. This way you can send follow-up emails or use other methods of contact to see if they are still interested, and if not, why they are no longer interested. Information like this can be invaluable to you, allowing you to adjust your business model due to the feedback. It can also encourage potential customers to complete their reservations and show them that you care about their business.

Website metrics allow you to see everything about your business’ online advertisement performance, track calls and even see Google powered business ratings on top review sites, all from one convenient location. You can easily view infographic data to better understand which advertisements generate the most clicks, which ones are most cost-effective per click and where your customers are located. Call tracking allows you to see where calls are coming from, either online or by conventional phone, listen to the recordings of the calls to assess customer service, and see which sales techniques work and which don’t. Google My Business reviews, ratings, clicks, and digital calls can all be seen clearly, including click to conversion metrics, all in one location. You can even see what people are saying about your business on sites like Yelp, to better understand how your customers really feel.

market intelMarket Intel™ provides crucial data needed to stay competitive in your location. You can see competitors’ pricing, adjust the range of the search to include businesses a mile away, ten miles away, or however large an area you aim to compete. Market Intel™ data is generated and compared against your own comparable units, so you can understand exactly where you and your competition differ.

In addition to providing a wealth of data, the Performance Dashboard™ comes with helpful tutorials to explain how to maximize benefits. Included in the tutorials are easy-to-understand details about other services available, the advantage of using them and information about your business and your competitors’ business. All of this can be made available to managerial staff at multiple locations with one simple login and allows every location to be individually monitored from one centralized account. When you take full advantage of everything the Performance Dashboard™ has to offer, you will see the difference in your business overnight.