July 27, 2020

Keeping In Touch With Touchless Services

Keeping In Touch With Touchless Services

With the state of the world today, more businesses are opting for all-online transactions to protect both themselves and their customers. This can solve many problems, but also pose new challenges. Online services require a functional website for your clients to access, the data infrastructure necessary to process purchases, and support for those systems if anything should go amiss. That’s just a bare minimum, modern online business is a highly competitive environment and businesses that are slow to adapt won’t make the cut. Self storage businesses are a low-risk business as far as contact with customers goes, but why not take that one step further? If you’ve already minimized a risk, why not eliminate it completely? The Storage Group can help you do exactly that.

TSG is a leader in online storage services, building websites, offering a complete suite for online rentals, automatic bill payments, even online ordering for packing and shipping supplies to best provide your customer base with anything they need from the comfort of their own home. These are not services we adopted in a post-COVID world. TSG has been providing these services for years. Online services are inherently contactless, and the storage industry already required very little contact to function normally.

Online-only service is more complicated than it might seem, now more than ever. The higher number of businesses competing for online visibility means your business could get lost in the shuffle. Even if you have a fantastic website, mobile support, and all the data management and bandwidth necessary to handle every aspect of online service, you won’t get anywhere without visibility. What does online visibility actually mean? Simple: Search engine optimization. If you’ve been looking into moving your business online, you’ve probably already seen that term more than a few times. TSG can handle every aspect of contactless rentals, from setting up your website for high traffic, to giving your website the best shot at getting the most visibility.

With fully digital rentals, you’ll be able to help keep the world a little safer in these uncertain times. If you have been looking into either updating, switching over to, or even getting a website set up for the first time, lean on our experience. No other company can handle the full spectrum of needs presented by a fully digital business model. Our staff is on-call 24/7 for emergency server maintenance, we offer superior SEO, and our digital storefront offers unique options that none of our competition provides. Your customers can use our storage space calculator to gauge, by the item, how large a unit they’ll need. With online supply orders, and contactless shipping options, your clients can get everything they need without setting foot on the property. 24/7 ClickandStorⓇ options allow any client to move in and verify their ID virtually, so they never have to physically meet your staff to complete their rental.

All this, and provided by the industry leader in online storage? Backed by a highly trained staff with years of experience? There has never been a better time to get your business online and contact-free. Contact us today!