June 18, 2020

The Benefits of Reputation Management

The Benefits of Reputation Management

You might be a small business owner, you might have a single property that you purchased yourself on a loan. Maybe you’re a millionaire with a half-dozen successful businesses or franchises under your belt. These two hypothetical people share one key thing: The reputation their business has is everything. When you manage a business, the first thing you have to manage is your brand, what are you selling? What are your values? How do those things intersect? People looking to do business with you will ask you all these questions, and if they don’t like your answers, their business goes elsewhere- fast.

That’s just one way in which keeping a solid lock on your identity as a business makes certain you remain competitive in today’s market, but it isn’t the only one. Your marketing material, your brand identity, your customer care, the amenities you offer, the prices you offer them at, and more; all play a factor in how your customers and competition will come to see you. You don’t want to look at another company and think to yourself, ‘they do these things so much better than we do’. It’s far more effective to look at the competition, see what they do well, and then figure out how you can do it better.

When it comes to managing your reputation as a whole, it can feel like a daunting task, but being an owner, or any other form of managerial position, it’s the most important responsibility you have. TSG’s Reputation Manager can help with that. This tool allows users on your site to post reviews directly to Google, Yelp, Facebook, and others. This allows you to see everything people are saying about your company, as well as enabling positive reviews to reach a much larger audience. A well-managed reputation can get the name of your company to people who have not seen your advertisements. When your brand is trusted, when your products speak for themselves, your customers will too. Nothing is better than the free advertising of happy customers telling their friends, family, or other loved ones about how happy they are with your services. Using our reputation manager allows you to amplify the voice of your customers singing your praises. This form of advertising comes practically free, and your potential customers will trust the word of their peers more than any ‘paid for’ advertisement.

Visibility Is Key

Your potential customers won’t even realize how much better your business is than your competition if they never know you exist. Being visible in your industry is absolutely crucial to getting customers at all, and if you intend to be seen, you have to make sure that people like what they’re seeing. It’s one thing to garner a lot of attention as a business, but what makes people come back for more, or spread the word to family and friends, is having a positive experience. With the Reputation Management tool, you can see all the reviews your customers are writing and respond to them immediately. This allows you to address customer concerns in a very visible, very real way.

There Is No Better Price

So, you’ve carefully sculpted your company’s image. You have meticulously combed over the advertisements, the written content on your website, your banners, flyers, the company logo. Once you’ve done all that, what more is there? Obviously the opinions of your customers have a lot of say when it comes to the image you project as a business. When your product not only performs as expected but exceeds expectations, your customers will take notice. In the modern economy, with the internet allowing anyone and everyone to express their opinions on your products, and your company, satisfying a customer can lead to positive buzz, feedback, and have constituted a free force multiplier to your advertising. When every one of your new, incoming customers can see the ‘thank yous’ you’ve received for your exemplary service, it’s completely free and more convincing than any paid ad.
Nothing will save you more time, money, effort, and business as a whole than remaining vigilant over your company’s image, and no tool will help you do that better than TSG’s real-time Reputation Management tool.

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