May 7, 2020

SEO in 2020 – The Ever Evolving Digital Marketing Practice

Some business owners may be asking themselves, “Do I still need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for my website in 2020?” The answer is YES! SEO is still vital to the success of your online presence. Google considers over 200 ranking factors, including a variety of techniques and components regarding websites when it comes to organizing and determining the order of where your website will rank in the Search Engine Result Pages. If your facility is not seeing the results you are hoping for, your digital marketing company may be using outdated SEO tactics that no longer perform as they used to. When working with outdated SEO tactics, some may have the misconception that SEO is “dead” only to conclude that regular updates no longer benefit their website.

So why does Google change their algorithm for ranking purposes? Google is constantly looking for ways to better serve the user. Their primary focus is catered to the user’s intent. Google aims to provide the user with answers to what they are searching for quickly and efficiently, with strong reliability. As user search behaviors change, search engines must quickly adapt to keep up with what is trending and evolve. For example, a few years ago a trending search term was, “storage.” However, search terms have evolved and now one of the more frequently trending search terms is, “best storage facility near me.” With all search experiences, Google constantly adjusts the algorithm to provide the best results to the user. Google wants to maintain superiority as the search engine King, and the best way they can do this is by keeping up to date with search trends to provide an easy, seamless user search experience.

Organic SEO still has the bulk share of internet search presence at 53%, so it is easy to miss out on potential growth for your company if you are not continually striving to improve your rankings. A few examples of Organic SEO include keyword research that coincides with your website, content creation such as blogs, articles, pictures, and optimizing page load times to 2-3 seconds to load. These various techniques work together to appeal to Google’s ranking algorithm, which can help you rank higher in the Search Engine Results Pages.

Google has evolved over the years and has a very complex algorithm, one that takes time and research to gain an understanding of. So while your competition is giving up on SEO for their clients, you can be rising to the top of the SERPs instead. Today’s sophisticated algorithms require a robust and holistic approach performed by strategic SEO experts who have evolved along with search engines and truly understand how search engines “think”. Expert SEO strategists are still achieving results with their tactics in 2020.

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