October 22, 2019

How the DomicoCloud and ClickandStor® Integration Perfects The Rental Process

ClickandStor® is a product of The Storage Group, an internet marketing company that specializes specifically in the self storage industry. For over a decade, The Storage Group has been committed to helping facility owners find digital marketing solutions to day-to-day operations. The Storage Group’s commitment to educate and assist facility owners directly aligns with Domico Software, making this partnership a monumental one.

DomicoCloud users who wish to use ClickandStor® can either have the tool integrated into their existing website or have a new website that is a Progressive Web App, called the Pinnacle Website built by The Storage Group. A Progressive Web App is an advanced Google technology that operates as a hybrid of a mobile app and a website combined.

After the integration of ClickandStor® to a facility’s website, data from complete online reservations, rental, or merchandise sales will get sent to DomicoCloud and automatically update in the system. This part is the complete integration of DomicoCloud and ClickandStor®.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the features of DomicoCloud Management Software, ClickandStor®, and what this integration means for DomicoCloud and ClickandStor® users.

What is DomicoCloud?

DomicoCloud is a purely cloud-based software for management self storage facility’s units inventory and tenant accounts. It handles basic day-to-day operating tasks like move-ins, payments, transfers, move-outs, delinquency processing, and so much more. Explore some of the factors that make DomicoCloud better than the other cloud-based management systems out there.

  • Look and Feel: Upon login, users are welcome with an open and clean desktop in modern white, grey, and blue colors. Depending on the user-access level, functions DomicoCloud functions are organized and accessible from the top main menu. The large white workspace below the menu bar features a simple Quick Navigation menu that can be docked when not in use. Widgets are also available additions to the workspace, which are various interactive lists (e.g. upcoming reservations, recent customers, late customers, etc.)
  • Automated Actions: A huge part DomcioCloud’s success is its automation tool, which helps operators automate common tasks. By streamlining actions, owners eliminate staff mistakes and missed steps. Automating tasks takes the guesswork out of the manager’s day-to-day workload, keeping them more productive and focuses on customer service or sales.

  • Leveraging Technology: DomicoCloud’s modern technology equips storage facilities with tools to reach more people and stay in touch with their customers. Email and text tenants directly from the software – no need for additional integrations or devices. If you’re on the go, use DomicoCloud on any device with a browser and internet.
  • DomicoPay: In April 2019, we announced the completion of our DomicoPay Payment Processing product, which is available to all Domico Software users. We’ve continued to implement and save customers up to 20% on processing fees each day since then. By adding a cloud-based software and our own merchant service, we’re extending our knowledge and superior service to the modern self storage business.
  • Backed by 35+ years of industry experience: Aside from building and supporting software with users in mind, we’ve also focused on providing the best technical support in the industry. Our full-time, professionally trained support technicians go above and beyond to provide solutions to software users with a guaranteed 2-hour callback time.

What is ClickandStor®?

ClickandStor® revolutionized the self storage industry in 2011 when it became the first online rental tool released in the industry.  ClickandStor® was created with the end-user in mind (tenants), which has created the ultimate rental experience. From its unforgettable checkout process to it’s online MarketPlace, ClickandStor® has it all.

ClickandStor® 3.0 Value-Added Features

  • 3-D Value Pricing Map: A 3-D rendered map of your storage facility lets buyers view your site’s layout with pricing of units, using a “good, better, best” Value Pricing model. Similar to purchasing seats to a game of concert, this flexible pricing model puts the buying power into end-user’s hands, in return maximizing occupancy. While helping to fill units, this tool is powered by technology that suggests pricing based on the local market, giving owners a competitive edge.
  • 3-D Calculator™: Using your facility’s available sizes, the 3-D Calculator tool suggests best units to fit their needs. Based on size, a 3-D diagram of the unit would pop up with a sample fitting of various furniture, giving a clear visual of what that size unit is capable of storing.
  • Multi-Lingual: ClickandStor® helps operators cater to the growing population of Spanish speakers by not just translating the site, but actually providing a built-in Spanish and metric capabilities. Beyond your website, the multilingual ability is also available for push-notifications, bill pay, or sending important notifications.
  • Marketplace: This feature turns your facility into a comprehensive eCommerce platform, allowing tenants to add-on items to help with their moving and storing. Signing up for the Marketplace gives operators access to vendors who provide cloud storage, boxes, bubble wrap, padlocks, and more.
  • Self Storage Auctions: A tool that completely streamlines your facility auction and bidding process means more time in your day and money in your pocket. Self Storage Auctions specializes in operating the bidding process online and to a network of bidders in the U.S., New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

What Makes this Integration Special?

What makes ClickandStor® special is the interface that has been built by self storage website development experts. It’s attractive and flows really well, giving facilities a tool for increasing conversions and sales. Using ClickandStor® with DomicoCloud gives your website a special touch and professional feel.