September 24, 2019

Releases New Generation Performance Dashboard™ for Managing Facility Data

Altamonte Springs, FL, Release: September 24th, 2019. For Immediate Release

The Storage Group unveiled its new Performance Dashboard™ earlier today. The long-awaited next-generation Performance Dashboard™ will incorporate the latest in self storage marketing and software to create an inclusive experience for facility owners looking to make data-driven decisions. Along with this new performance dashboard, The Storage Group promises a more effective experience for facility owners to better manage, monitor and measure their facilities. 

The Performance Dashboard™ creates a one-stop dashboard with data for online rentals, digital marketing campaigns, customer reviews, and more. Market Intel™, an exclusive Performance Dashboard™ add-on, allows facilities to see prices of local competitors. For facilities looking to take back control of the market, this is a great way to make sure unit prices are competitive with other facilities in the area. 

“We’re dedicated to helping facility owners maximize ROI. All of our products and services are developed with both the end-user and the facility owner in mind,” said Steve Lucas, CEO, The Storage Group. “We’ve revamped our Performance Dashboard™ to better service facility owners and operators in managing day-to-day operations. 

Our new version of the Performance Dashboard™ features a more user-friendly interface making it easy for facility owners to navigate, with options to submit requests, bill pay, and contact support. For clients of The Storage Group, the Performance Dashboard™ is the baseline for creating the strongest customer support experience in the industry.

For clients utilizing The Storage Group’s products and services, including Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Google My Business Elite, and ClickandStor® 3.0, the industry’s first online rental tool, the newly improved Performance Dashboard™ provides in-depth data and reports to help drive business decisions. 

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The Storage Group provides cutting-edge products and services that ensure success and improved customer experiences through technology, marketing, and consulting. TSG services include Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Reputation Management, Software Development and more. The Storage Group first introduced the self-storage industry to online rentals in 2011 with ClickandStor®. The Storage Group optimizes web presence, boost occupancy rates, and produces higher returns on investment. To learn more about The Storage Group, please visit: or call 407.374.0689.

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