May 28, 2019

Residual Income For Facility Owners, Better Insurance Protection For Tenants

storage protectors partner

You like helping your tenants, right? Do you also like making more money? Of course you do. What if there was a way to put more money in your pocket and increase tenant protection? There is – it’s called Storage Protectors. Storage Protectors is an insurance company for storage tenants that aims to give more money back to facility owners. The ultimate win win situation! The Storage Group’s integration with Storage Protectors provides facility owners with the ability to easily increase their revenue. Interested in knowing more? Keep reading to learn just how Storage Protectors can benefit you!

Residual Income For You

How does partnering with an insurance provider like Storage Protectors help put money in your pocket?? Here’s the breakdown:  If you have 550 units, and 495 of them sign up for a Storage Protectors plan, you can be averaging additional average monthly revenues of approximately $2,227.50! This adds up, and while it’s dependent on your facility size, rent, and amount of tenants choosing this service, Storage Protectors can become a significant source of income for your facility. It’s a scalable model, perfect for owners with one facility or several.

How Does Storage Protectors Benefit Tenants?

Tenants benefit from using Storage Protectors over their homeowner’s insurance provides comprehensive coverage on a month-to-month basis, something that is nearly impossible to find with other insurance providers. Storage Protectors also covers the items in a portable storage unit while they’re in transit. It’s truly an all-encompassing insurance company for all tenants, whether they are storing personal or commercial items.

While there’s certainly no shortage of reputable insurance companies, using one that specializes in storage means having a policy that is tailored to the oddities that can happen in storage facilities. While your facility is safe, there’s always a chance that something could happen that damages or destroys items in a unit, so recommending insurance will help keep tenants calm during stressful times.

How Do Tenants Purchase a Policy?

If your facility is already integrated with ClickandStor®, a premier online rental tool, adding Storage Protectors is easily done during the checkout process. Storage Protectors appears as a unit add-on, allowing tenants to quickly select their preferred policy and payment plan before finishing checkout.

With an easy-to-use checkout process, tenants are encouraged to purchase a Storage Protectors plan in the ClickandStor® marketplace, benefiting both the facility owner, who earns a percentage of the insurance revenue and the tenant, who gets high-quality coverage for their items in storage. Start protecting your tenants and making more money today!

Why did The Storage Group partner with Storage Protectors?

The Storage Group has always prided itself on creating products and services that help tenants have high-quality rental experiences (just take a look at our premier online rental tool, ClickandStor®, and our partnership with Storage Protectors is no different. While there are other insurance companies on the market, none provide the same level of high-quality coverage while also putting more money into facilities.