May 13, 2019

How to Measure, Monitor, and Manage your Self Storage Facility

Let’s face it, keeping up with day-to-day operations is difficult. When it comes to selecting a system that has all the bells and whistles to effectively run your facility, it can be challenging – especially when it comes to self storage. There are many options that can make you feel out of your element. Have no fear, we are here to help! Today, we’re going to go through the must-haves when it comes to choosing the system to help you run your facility effectively. Keep reading!

Premium services

When it comes to monitoring your facility, we all know Google My Business is vital. When a tenant rents or reserves a unit from your facility whether on the phone in person or online you should be sending them a confirmation email that states “Thank you for reserving…etc.” Believe it or not, kindness goes a long way and let’s be honest, if you are in an area that is filled with big-box competitors, going the extra mile could be the difference between you and them.

Let’s talk about DynamicListings™, if you are not currently using DynamicListings™ you should look into a system that offers it! DynamicListings™ optimizes local listings and makes it easy for potential tenants to find your self storage facility. It suppresses any duplicate listings, which is an SEO best practice!

Services That Help You Beat the Competition

Are you currently using a system that offers Market Intel™? Market Intel™compares pricing against competitors, giving your company an immediate competitive edge. The information is taken in real time and updates every 30 minutes – giving you the ability to search the prices at competitors facilities.

The system you choose needs to have access to Reputation Management. Now, before we go any further let’s talk about why reputation management this is actually important. According to, having a quality review system within your marketing plan helps maximize your positive reviews, and data shows this can pay quick dividends. 90% of consumers read just 10 reviews or less before trusting (or not trusting) a business. In decision-making terms, this is an extremely short amount of time. Ok, let’s talk about why it’s important for you to have access to them, Google does not have a system that alerts you when a new review is left – leaving you with a time lapse between the time the person left the review and when the review was written.

Support Help

We have all been there, waiting on the phone for a support team to help us answer questions because the system we are using has stopped working or there is something we don’t understand. It is beyond frustrating to wait on the phone for hours, it’s way more effective to email a support team directly. Be sure to search for a system that gives you direct access to support!

The Solution to It All

Now, I’m sure at this stage you’re probably thinking about how impossible it must be to find this system. Well, it’s not. Our new Performance Dashboard™ will take care of all the needs you’re looking to fill. You’re a great facility owner, use technology that makes it easier. Reach out to us today and let us help you be great, or call us at 407-392-2328 x 2.