May 6, 2019

How To Create The Perfect Storage Website That Makes You Money!

Is Your Self Storage Facility’s Website Making You Money?

Your facility has a purpose – to rent units and make you money. Happy tenants are the key to facility success, so it’s important that you do everything you can to stand apart from the competition. Does your website help you do that effectively? Worse, do you not have one at all? Having a great website in the self storage industry can help increase revenue and brand awareness so read on to make sure you have a website with purpose!

Self Storage Website

        In 2019, having a website is vital to success for small business owners. Having an effective website allows you to show up on Search Engine Result Pages, whether on Google, Yahoo, and helps gives your company an online presence. Ranking high on search results can open your facility up to potential tenants who may not have heard of you but who are interested in renting a unit.

        A website should be a central component to your facility. With an online rental tool and modern website, tenants can rent 24/7 from any device, reserving and paying when it’s most convenient for them without having to drive to your facility during business hours.

A Call-to-Action

        Using a call-to-action on your website is an effective way to drive sales for any company! Don’t just use your website as a way to inform visitors of hours and contact information. Whether you’re trying to get them to call, sign up for a newsletter, or rent online, no self storage website is complete without one. According to Small Biz Trends, approximately 70% of small businesses fail to have a call-to-action on their website. Adding a call-to-action will put you ahead of the competition! A call-to-action should drive customers to click a button or perform a specific action, such as checking out.

        Pinnacle drives conversions by allowing a seamless checkout process for tenants, and when combined with ClickandStor®, it provides tenants with a clear call-to-action.

Speed and Security

        According to Unbounce, If your website takes longer than three seconds to completely load, more than half of your visitors will leave. When potential tenants leave your website, they don’t give up on renting – they visit a competitor’s website instead.

        We’re in the digital age, which means giving tenants the option of online rentals is vital. Not having an online rental tool can mean you are missing out on over 79% of rentals. 79% of self storage transactions are done with credit cards, and Baymard states that 18% of abandoned shopping carts are because customers didn’t feel safe entering their credit card information. It’s not just about having an online rental tool, but about having a secure one that makes tenants feel safe handing over their credit card.

The Storage Group’s Pinnacle website design is created by expert web developers, pages load quickly and are also mobile friendly. With Pinnacle website design, your facility gets an SSL Certificate, indicating to tenants that their information is secure.

The Importance of Website and Aesthetics

        People like clean websites. Your potential tenants don’t want to be bombarded with third-party advertisements and outdated designs. In fact, it takes about 50 milliseconds for people to decide whether or not they like your website, according to Sweor. Your website needs to look modern and be easy to navigate. Label menu buttons clearly and ensure that the entire page loads. Break up your text and don’t be afraid to have empty space to help direct their eyes towards important information.

       Pinnacle Website Design is the result of extensive research – it derives from an in-depth study of the self storage industry and was created to drive leads and increase revenue driven website traffic. Pinnacle is fully responsive so that whether the website is being viewed on a computer, phone, or tablet, it loads and works perfectly.

        Overall, ensuring that your self storage facility’s website is fast, secure, and well-designed is crucial to staying competitive in the digital age. Reach out to us today to start building a website that works for your facility, not against it.