April 24, 2019

Our New Version of ClickandStor® and Why It’s So Much Better

ClickandStor® 3.0 is the self storage industry’s first premier online rental tool. It’s an amazing tool for self storage facility owners and operators, providing tenants with the ability to reserve, rent, and pay bills online 24/7 from any device. With so many recent announcements, we want to take this opportunity to make sure you understand exactly what it is that ClickandStor® does.

Why does ClickandStor® exist?

        ClickandStor® was originally released in September 2011, designed to fill a growing need for facilities to be able to operate in the ever-growing online market. ClickandStor® was the first online rental tool, and over the years has grown to become a highly advanced platform, allowing tenants and facility owners to rent or reserve a storage unit and pay bills without having to talk to an employee.

What does ClickandStor® do?

ClickandStor Rental Tool Demo
ClickandStor Demo

The rental process of self storage facilities more efficient than ever before. The online rental tool is built into a facility website, allowing tenants to go from the home page to the check-out page almost instantly without ever leaving your website. This helps keep your checkout process secure while improving your search engine rankings, as it won’t show a high bounce or abandonment rate.

        Whether a tenant wants to reserve a unit and move-in immediately or plan ahead for days or weeks from now, ClickandStor® is equipped to handle them. Opening a new facility? Our rental tool can be set up to allow tenants to rent and reserve units before your facility has even opened.

What are ClickandStor®’s key features?

      The features are extensive. At the forefront of what makes our tool so great is the ability to use it as a Progressive Web App. PWAs are developed with Google technology and provide the ability to send push notifications, bill pay reminders and more without tenants having to use an app store.

        Progressive Web Apps are SEO indexable, meaning that utilizing one can help increase your rankings on Google or other search engines. It’s also completely responsive on all devices so that whether your tenants use mobile phones, tablets, or computers, the checkout process remains seamless.

Who does ClickandStor® benefit?

        ClickandStor® benefits both facility owners and tenants. It helps facility owners because they are able to increase retention rates during check-out and increase overall occupancy. Unlike physical kiosks, ClickandStor® has significantly less maintenance, as it isn’t destroyed by bad storms or vandalism.

        What makes ClickandStor® different from other rental tools is that it’s designed for the end-user. With tenants in mind, our rental tool provides a platform to safely rent from the comfort of their home or car, without having to stand alone in a potentially unmanned facility to rent a unit. Tenants don’t have to enter their credit card into a kiosk with questionable security, because ClickandStor® has high-level security measures to protect their information.