September 5, 2018

Experience the Pinnacle Website Theme [Infographic]

Pinnacle is our new, state-of-the-art website for the self-storage industry, running as a Progressive Web App (PWA). Progressive Web Apps take the best of both apps and websites, while mitigating their weaknesses. Pinnacle offers an enhanced mobile experience, keeping your storage tenants engaged with your facility website.

In a time when users want reliability, security, and speed, Pinnacle is the perfect solution. The new Pinnacle website design is intended for storage companies that need speed, engagement, and sales. Compared to traditional native apps (such as What’s App, Spotify, etc.) Pinnacle is SEO indexable, and as a progressive web app, it is 50x faster than traditional mobile apps.

Look over our Pinnacle infographic to learn more!

For more information about how Pinnacle can help your storage company, contact Jill Baker, director of sales, today at JBAKER@STORAGEGROUPINC.COM or (407) 392-2328 X 113.