August 10, 2018

Why the Pinnacle Website Theme Deserves the Final Rose…

Are You Looking For “The One”?

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Your facility and your tenants deserve something special, personal, and multi-faceted…

While it might not be the most conventional way to find love, we’re offering an experience of a lifetime.

Get ready for the most exciting event of the season… (No, we’re not talking about “The Bachelorette”)

Introducing Pinnacle: a sleek, custom, state-of-the-art website


A “perfect fit” for your storage facility, Pinnacle combines the best features of both a mobile app and website into one all-encompassing online experience. Because Pinnacle is an interactive and online experience, tenants can engage with content and receive immediate feedback through microinteractions. Whether it’s enabling locations or sharing through social media, users have the ability to customize a toolbar to fit their specific storage needs. Pinnacle’s easy navigation directs tenants to what they want in a matter of seconds. With more options than ever, Pinnacle encourages website traffic through and through. Why be limited when you can have it all, in one intuitive platform?


Imagine your tenants shopping for storage units as they would on Amazon:

  • View different options
  • Compare prices, quality, delivery time, etc.
  • Hit “Add to Cart.”
  • Continue to shop or proceed to “Check-Out.”
  • Easy. Simple. Fast.

With Pinnacle you’re able to achieve the same convenient experience with our new virtual cart feature. According to a study by Statista, it is estimated there will be 224 million online shoppers by 2019. Why not utilize this growth for your facility? Whether shopping for storage units, buying tenant insurance, or purchasing packing supplies, Pinnacle helps your facility become the one-stop-shop for all things “storage.” This not only increases customer convenience but provides additional revenue for your facility.


As a Progressive Web App, Pinnacle provides far more benefits than the traditional model of a mobile app or website alone:

  • SEO indexable
  • Linkable
  • Connects to the internet, even in locations with poor connectivity
  • Low data usage
  • Low storage usage
  • Secure connection to networks

In an age where people use a variety of platforms to view online content, it’s essential for your website to be compatible with all devices. Studies show every 1 second delay in speed loses 7% in conversions. You don’t want to miss out on business opportunities because your website is slow-to-load, unresponsive, or outdated! With Pinnacle, your website is faster than ever and friendly to all devices. Progressive Web Apps load at an average pace of 2.5 clicks per second; that’s 50% faster than a traditional mobile app! Automatic background updates leave you with one less thing to worry about and customized push notifications/alerts ensure your communication with tenants never stops.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you and promise it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.


Learn more about how the Pinnacle Design can convert your web traffic into transactions by contacting Jill Baker at or (407) 392-2328 X 113.