April 17, 2018

Everything You Need to Know about ADA Compliant Websites

Getting an ADA compliant website is now at the top of the priority
list for business owners.

The American Disabilities Act was developed in 1990 and is now highly circulated in the technology and website arena. B2C business websites are considered places of public accommodation and this means by law, they are required to have an ADA compliant website. Get ahead of the game before the Department of Justice comes knocking on your door!


Is your website ADA compliant?

Make sure you’re safe from any litigation that might happen.

Discussion about ADA compliance is at the peak of interest in the self storage industry. Do we truly understand the depth of the situation or is everyone throwing around words from all the topic rage? How are facility owners supposed to know if their site meets the ADA standards? Instead of trying to read the fine print, let’s simplify what you need to know.


Know the ADA Principles…

Equal website access and use for those with disabilities. ADA principles are in place to guide your site in the right direction.

ADA Compliance Made Easy

Principle Definition Example
Perceivable Website is intuitive and disabled users have an equal opportunity of easy use. Labels explaining pictures and buttons.
Operable Disabled users must be able to navigate through a site. The site should be fully functional through a keyboard.
Understandable The site should make sense to all users. Sentences make sense when read aloud and the font size/color are readable.
Robust Always make updates to your site that increases the ease of use for those with disabilities. Make your site robust enough to be used by a wide variety of browsers and plugins.


The Big Question…. What Should YOU do NOW?

The solution here is to take action and get ahead of the game. An ADA compliant website is not only important to the Department of Justice, but is also important to facility owners as this immediately broadens your website audience. Meeting WCGAG 2.0 standards of ADA guidelines is a tremendous task. Our TSG team will not only help you to develop a unique and responsive website design, we will drive your website to a pinnacle level by making your website more user-friendly to a wider audience.

If you would like to learn more about ADA guidelines and dig deeper into the WCAG 2.0 guidelines, please click here.