February 1, 2018

Self Storage Progressive Web App Benefits – ClickandStor™

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are the latest innovation in mobile app technology. Self storage facilities can use these mobile tools to increase their online rentals and provide a better customer experience for their tenants. So what makes this type of app different from traditional mobile apps? Keep reading to find out!

Top Self Storage Progressive Web App Benefits

A self storage Progressive Web App can manage tenant contact information and offer secure, online storage rentals. A tenant can add the ClickandStor™ 3.0 PWA to the home screen of their smartphone or tablet for frequent use and convenience. Self storage Progressive Web App benefits include increased tenant engagement, faster speed, ability to rank in search engines, improved security, and easy updates.

Increased Tenant Engagement

Most smartphone users are familiar with receiving push notifications on their smartphone from their favorite apps. This feature is also available with a PWA.

Notifications allow your facility to engage with current and potential tenants in a quick, easy way. Let tenants know about special offers, storage auctions, office hour changes, weather notices (particularly for outdoor vehicle storage), coupons, new location information, and more with push notifications.

Tenants can learn about all your facility has to offer even when they are on-the-go. Your facility can send notifications at different times and days of the week. When the customer sees the notification and clicks on it, the app will open up on the tenant’s mobile device.

Faster Speed

No one likes to wait for websites to load, much less apps for mobile devices. Progressive Web Apps have a decreased load time and use less data than traditional, native apps. With 53% of visitors leaving a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, according to a study by Google, speed is a top priority in order to increase storage rentals. PWAs are reliable, smooth, and user-friendly, just what a self storage tenant needs to complete their convenient online rental with ClickandStor™ 3.0.

SEO Benefits

A unique feature of Progressive Web Apps is that they can be displayed and ranked in search engines. This allows tenants to easily find your facility’s PWA when searching online for self storage in their area.

From there, the tenant can click on the link to your storage center’s ClickandStor™ 3.0 Progressive Web App to quickly rent a unit from their mobile device 24 hours a day. Tenants can also purchase moving supplies, tenant insurance, and storage unit locks from the ClickandStor™ 3.0 Progressive Web App. Reach brand new tenants and convert visitors into paying customers through a seamless PWA experience.

Top-Notch Security

Progressive Web Apps must meet stringent security standards. The ClickandStor™ 3.0 PWA is secure, so that tenants’ personal and financial information will be safe when completing an online storage rental. Google states that Progressive Web Apps must be served from a secure origin as a best practice.

Easy to Update

With a self storage PWA, tenants don’t have to go to the app store to download the app. Accessing the PWA uses less cell phone data than downloading a native app on to a mobile device. Offering a self storage Progressive Web App can prevent data overages for your tenants. They will be sure to thank you! Once the PWA is saved to the home screen on the smartphone or tablet, it becomes a native app, meaning it will never open inside a browser.

Progressive Web Apps are also quicker to update and make changes to compared to native apps. The Progressive Web App can run updates in the background, instead of the user having to manually update the app each time there is a new feature or technical change. This function gives the tenant with the best online user experience, and ensures that they will always have the latest version of your facility’s PWA.

The self storage Progressive Web App benefits that were discussed can help your facility to success and increase your online storage rentals.

The ClickandStor™ 3.0 Progressive Web App offers all of these features and much more. Set your facility apart from the competition by allowing tenants to rent a unit and purchase storage supplies directly from their mobile device!

For more information about the ClickandStor™ 3.0 PWA, please contact Jill Baker, Director of Sales, at (720) 218-1196 or jbaker@storagegroupinc.com.