January 9, 2018

Reasons To Upgrade Your Responsive Website for Self Storage Facilities

Jan 9, 2018

If you already have a mobile-friendly website for your storage facility, you may be wondering why we would suggest to upgrade your responsive site. There are a variety of reasons why a facility should consider moving to a new website with one of The Storage Group’s new themes. Just a few of the reasons include branding, updated technology, and SEO.

Self Storage Branding

Very basically, branding is what defines your facility and helps it to stand out against competitors. Perhaps your storage facility is under new management or it expanded to multiple locations. If you just bought an existing self storage facility, it is advised that you update the current website, if there is one.

Whether you just invested in a new facility or simply want to update your branding, you may want to completely change the name, logo, colors, and other details of your storage center. In this case, the facility’s existing website will not likely meet your needs, and it would be best to get a new site. Also, if you are expanding into multiple facilities, the website that you had for the single facility will probably misrepresent your company’s expansion, leading potential tenants to think that you only have one location that might not be near them. This will hinder your ability to reach the customers that you’re trying to attract.

Bottom line, there are several situations which can warrant new company branding. If your facility has had a significant business change, it may be time to revamp your website to reflect your company’s growth. An updated, attractive website theme can breathe new life into your facility’s online presence. Your facility’s digital presence is of utmost importance for the storage industry as a majority of consumers research businesses online.

Technology Changes

Just like a cellphone, a website that is two years old may already be obsolete due to rapidly changing technology. A new website will bring the most up-to-date technology for the best user experience.

A website with older technology may also be more susceptible to security breaches. When tenants put their trust in your facility’s website, especially when completing online rentals and other storage-related purchases, they expect their personal and financial information to be safe. Updating your website regularly and having an active SSL certificate will keep your site in top shape. When you upgrade your responsive website, you also gain important security features.

As much as 53% of people will leave a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load, according to a study by Google. Speed is extremely important in your potential tenants’ online user experience. If your self storage site is taking more time than a couple of moments to load, it is time to move to a faster website. The Storage Group’s new website themes take only a few seconds to load. This can help to attract more customers to your facility, especially if they want to rent a unit on your website through ClickandStor™ 3.0.

SEO for the Self Storage Industry

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, can make or break whether your website is easily found online through search engines, like Google. Updating your website will ensure that you’re using the industry’s SEO best practices, which can boost your site’s organic ranking.

TSG’s new themes are SEO-friendly, meaning that they have the right structure and code in place to perform self storage Search Engine Optimization. If your website isn’t attracting your location-based target market, a website upgrade can set you on the right path to improving your SEO strategy.

If your current website has a high bounce rate, which is when website visitors quickly leave your site soon after arriving on the home page, you may be losing out on potential customers and sales. A new website design that has the proper layout for SEO can help to decrease the number of visitors that don’t stay on your site. After you upgrade your responsive website, you’ll be on the way to a stronger organic search engine ranking.

Upgrade Your Responsive Website

When you upgrade your responsive website, you’ll gain many branding, technology, and SEO benefits that can improve your self storage facility’s online presence. If you are interested in upgrading your website, please contact Jill Baker, Director of Sales, at (720) 218-1196 or jbaker@storagegroupinc.com.