December 28, 2017

ClickandStor™ and the Self Storage Progressive Web App

Dec 28, 2017

ClickandStor™ 3.0 Features a Self Storage Progressive Web App (PWA)

The Storage Group brings an innovative e-commerce technology to the storage industry in early 2018!  ClickandStor™ 3.0, an e-commerce platform, plus a self storage Progressive Web App (PWA), allows facilities to offer online storage rentals and reservations from a website and PWA 24 hours a day. The ClickandStor 3.0 selfSelf Storage Progressive Web App (PWA) storage Progressive Web App will be available for Apple and Android mobile devices.

ClickandStor 3.0 is the latest offering from The Storage Group, who provides cutting-edge digital products & services that ensure industry success and improved customer experiences through technology, marketing and consulting.

ClickandStor 3.0 will keep some of the features from version 2.0 and will also offer new benefits and features. For example, users can expect to see the 3-D Calculator™ from version 2.0. The 3-D Calculator™ allows potential tenants to visualize their items in the unit, which will help them choose the ideal size depending on their needs.

How ClickandStor™ 3.0 Works

ClickandStor 3.0 will also allow tenants to leave reviews about the facility right at the time of booking, so that facilities gather direct feedback from real life clients quickly. Positive reviews from actual tenants are a great way to encourage other tenants to rent units through the facility.

There are some customizable features for ClickandStor 3.0, such as unit images, unit sizes, unit amenities, the ability to change certain tabs (IE: “book” to “reserve”), and contact information.

Facility owners with multiple branches will also be happy to know that several locations can be added to ClickandStor 3.0.

Unique to ClickandStor 3.0, facilities can also offer a one-stop-shopping experience for their tenants by offeringClickandStor™ 3.0 Storage Supplies vendor supplies during the online checkout process. Tenants can buy packing supplies that will make their move-in experience easier, such as tenant insurance, boxes, and packing material.

Tenants can have these items shipped to their residence or office. Offering these items not only makes it easier on the tenants, but this also creates an added revenue stream for facilities.  Little additions keep the client experience at the forefront of your mind, which will not go unnoticed by customers.

Flexibility for Tenants and Facilities

Overall, ClickandStor 3.0 is an innovative e-commerce platform, which offers benefits for both the facility and tenant. Facilities can take orders and reservations from tenants 24 hours a day, even when the facility is closed. Depending on the policy of the facility, tenants can move-in right away or visit the facility during office hours to complete their transaction.

Tenants can also set up Auto-Pay and make payments during the ClickandStor 3.0 checkout process so that they don’t have to worry about monthly paper bills or missing a payment.

ClickandStor 3.0 is an exciting and revolutionary e-commerce platform and Progressive Web App, for mobile devices, specifically for the storage industry that can make the lives of both tenants and facility owners easier. ClickandStor 3.0 can also be added to any new or existing website.

Those interested in learning more about ClickandStor 3.0 and adding it to any website can contact Jill Baker, Director of Sales for The Storage Group, at (720) 218-1196 or