self storage blogging

Yes, you just found a blog on blogs. According to hotjar, blogging has been around since 1994. Now, I know you’re probably thinking how could blogs possibly be important and why do I need them? Well, they are. In fact, having a blog page on your website can do a lot for your business. Not convinced? Read this.

Blogs Help You Stay Relevant in Your Industry

Blogging is one of the top ways to connect with customers and clients. Staying up to date and relevant in the self storage industry is vital. As we all know self storage is a rapidly growing industry and it is changing every day. From the way we communicate with tenants to how tenants rent units, it has all changed in the past 10 years. Blogging is a great way to keep tenants up to date on new advances your facility has or to inform them of the self storage industry in general. Self storage is a life industry, even writing a “how to” blog on how many boxes it will take to pack up a one-bedroom apartment or a blog on how to get over a breakup can be effective. Either way, blogging helps you connect with tenants who use your services.

Blogging Can Help Increase Rankings

Aside from being an information hub and a resource for your tenants, blogs increase rankings. It’s true! Before I get started on how this actually works, let’s go over what SEO is. According to Wikipedia, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is “the process of increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.” New content is key to exceeding the competition in Search Engine Results Pages. When you use keywords in your article it increases your chances of getting seen, thus resulting in more website traffic, brand recognition and customer awareness.  

Blogging Helps Put You First

When it comes to marketing, content is king. Period. Yes, even for the self storage industry. When you are filling your blog page with relevant fresh new content 1-4 times a month, this gives your company a great competitive edge. If you are looking for a new way to stay relevant, blogging is it. After all this discussion about blogging, I’m sure you’re very interested as to how you should start. When it comes to writing, you always want to leave that to the professionals, there are countless marketing companies geared towards the self storage industry, I suggest reaching out to those firms first. When it comes to building your brand, blogging is the way to go!

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