There’s Probably An App For That…

In 2008, the idea of traditional web apps was just starting to take root. When Apple released the “App Store” and Android released “Android Market,” these two companies brought software from the hands of developers directly to consumers for the first time. Today, apps are a part of our everyday life, whether it’s scrolling through your Instagram feed or finding your closet self storage facility on Yelp. It’s not a crazy idea to assume, “There’s probably an app for that.”
However, the way in which we use apps is changing daily. As technology advances and one-ups a previous version, so do our expectations of a device. We need it to be faster, easier to use, more convenient, and just better overall. Imagine if Instagram was still using the same display from 2008 today. If Instagram didn’t make improvements, another company would come along and do it better. So the story of “competition in business” goes…

That being said, it’s apparent that in order to thrive, businesses must adopt and adapt the latest in technology.

Introducing Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive Web Apps are the latest in technology from Google that hybridize the best of a website and a mobile app into one all encompassing platform. Faster, integrated, and engaging, a Progressive Web App allows your storage facility to reach a larger audience of people than before. According to experts, it’s expected by 2020 that PWAs will have replaced 50% of general-purpose consumer facing apps. Don’t get left behind!
PWAs expand beyond the functions you’d typically see in traditional, native apps by featuring:

For self storage facilities, our Progressive Web App serves as a tool to utilize online rentals, online reservations, and online bookings. Considering most people will be on-the-go when they’re looking to rent a storage unit, these “Call to Action” buttons need to be able to work on all devices. You can count on a PWA to automatically adjust and fit the correct layout no matter the device your prospective tenant is using. Tenants can also expect to access your facility’s information from anywhere with an unparalleled level of speed. The convenience of a Progressive Web App increases customer satisfaction which can then translate to better and more frequent customer reviews of your facility. With an inflood of new, positive customer reviews, your facility can see occupancy levels grow.

Many Fortune 500 companies have already made the switch to this new technology, and begun reaping the benefits. When Forbes switched to a Progressive Web App, average user session doubled in length. When Lancome switched to a Progressive Web App, the company saw a 17% increase in conversions. The benefits of using a Progressive Web App far outweigh that of their predecessor, and these companies know that. Need more convincing?

Did you know that Progressive Web Apps…

These features are absolutely essential in attracting new tenants and keeping them on your website. With a Progressive Web App, tenants stay more engaged in your facility’s content and aren’t distracted by the slow-to-load nature of traditional apps.

Time to Make a Change…

The idea of “change” is just as important today as it was in 2008. You’ve come a long way since 2008 and so has the way you use technology.

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