The Storage Group announces the upcoming Pinnacle theme, the latest in website design

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL — The Storage Group (TSG) is set to launch Pinnacle, a new website theme in Fall 2018.

“Pinnacle, when combined with our ClickandStor rental tool, is the first storage theme truly integrating the user experience from landing page to a successful unit rental,” said Steve Lucas, COO of The Storage Group. “There’s no longer a separation between website and rental tool — everything is seamless.”

Progressive Web App (PWA):

Functioning as a Progressive Web App, Pinnacle hybridizes a website and an app into one platform. The result is a quick site-load speed that encourages a high search engine ranking.
With the ability to download the site to the home screen of any device, users can access payment and rental portals at home or on-the-go. For facility owners, Pinnacle’s increased analytics track all activity that takes place within the portal.


Prospective tenants can find what they need, when they need it, without ever leaving the rental process. Designed specifically around e-commerce, the Pinnacle experience allows users to purchase units, supplies, tenant insurance, and more through an online shopping cart. Whether the user decides to purchase an item immediately or “save for later,” the shopping cart contents carry over to all the user’s devices.


The Pinnacle experience presents a story of progress through visual vocabulary. A toolbar allows users to customize their online experience through various tools including the enabling of location, turning on notifications, and sharing through social media platforms.

Paul Bowers, Director of Product Management for The Storage Group, predicts these interactions will be especially powerful for existing tenants. “We’ve taken the best UX and design practices and incorporated them into Pinnacle,” said Bowers. One of these new features is the inclusion of Google Maps on the Home page without hurting SEO. “We’re able to include more information and features than ever before on a website.”

For further information on the Pinnacle experience please contact us at 407-392-2328 or

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