ClickandStor® is a product of The Storage Group, an internet marketing company that specializes specifically in the self storage industry. For over a decade, The Storage Group has been committed to helping facility owners find digital marketing solutions to day-to-day operations. The Storage Group’s commitment to educate and assist facility owners directly aligns with Domico Software, making this partnership a monumental one.

DomicoCloud users who wish to use ClickandStor® can either have the tool integrated into their existing website or have a new website that is a Progressive Web App, called the Pinnacle Website built by The Storage Group. A Progressive Web App is an advanced Google technology that operates as a hybrid of a mobile app and a website combined.

After the integration of ClickandStor® to a facility’s website, data from complete online reservations, rental, or merchandise sales will get sent to DomicoCloud and automatically update in the system. This part is the complete integration of DomicoCloud and ClickandStor®.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the features of DomicoCloud Management Software, ClickandStor®, and what this integration means for DomicoCloud and ClickandStor® users.

What is DomicoCloud?

DomicoCloud is a purely cloud-based software for management self storage facility’s units inventory and tenant accounts. It handles basic day-to-day operating tasks like move-ins, payments, transfers, move-outs, delinquency processing, and so much more. Explore some of the factors that make DomicoCloud better than the other cloud-based management systems out there.

What is ClickandStor®?

ClickandStor® revolutionized the self storage industry in 2011 when it became the first online rental tool released in the industry.  ClickandStor® was created with the end-user in mind (tenants), which has created the ultimate rental experience. From its unforgettable checkout process to it’s online MarketPlace, ClickandStor® has it all.

ClickandStor® 3.0 Value-Added Features

What Makes this Integration Special?

What makes ClickandStor® special is the interface that has been built by self storage website development experts. It’s attractive and flows really well, giving facilities a tool for increasing conversions and sales. Using ClickandStor® with DomicoCloud gives your website a special touch and professional feel.

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