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When storage facilities think about starting a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Campaign, most immediately think about Google AdWords but Facebook Ads is another option that should be considered. Facebook Advertising offers a variety of targeting options that will show your ads to a defined audience in your local market who are interested in self storage. Facebook campaigns can be very effective and the average cost per click tends to be lower than those in Google AdWords. Having a campaign run in Facebook is also a great way to target mobile users since more than half of the people who access Facebook do it from a mobile device (56.5%). Plus, despite what most people think, your ads can point to your website and not just your Facebook page.

Facebook Ads Targeting Options:

Facebook Ads have the same location targeting capabilities that Google AdWords offers. As you know, local targeting is very important to reach your target market in the self storage industry. Facebook Ads feature location targeting by:

• Address
• Radius
• City
• County
• Zip Code
• Region
• State
• Country

Life Events / Behavior
The targeting that sets Facebook Ads apart from Google AdWords is based on life events and user behavior. To demonstrate how this can help a storage facility, here are some ways you can target ads in Facebook.

• Interests: moving and storage
• Education: starting college
• Work: recently relocated
• Behaviors: new mover
• Demographic: renters
• Life event: recently divorced

Lookalike Audience
You can also create a lookalike audience in Google. The process includes uploading the email addresses of your current clients and Facebook is then able to create an audience that shares the demographics and traits of your current clients. It is a great way to identify new potential customers.

If you are considering running a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign for your facility, you may want to consider running it in Facebook because it has some unique targeting capabilities that work well for the storage industry.

By: Jeanne Dotson, Director of Internet Marketing Strategy
Date: 10/16/16