Brand Strategy

Branding is essential in order to differentiate your storage container company, portable storage business, or self storage facility from competitors. Our brand strategy process will help you to create or revamp your brand from start to finish. We begin by asking what characteristics do you want your storage company to be known for. What is your business best at? What can your company offer that competitors can’t? Targeting a niche market or having a specialty is a great way to set your self storage business apart.

Your brand message conveys your storage company’s standards and promises to tenants. Is your business’ main goal to be affordable, secure, convenient, flexible, etc.?

This message will affect every marketing piece from your website to your tagline. Your storage company’s brand personality and tone of voice can be used to attract a particular type of tenant. For example, if your facility stores a lot of RV’s, boats, ATV’s and outdoor equipment, a more rugged and outdoorsy tone of voice can attract tenants that have a need for that kind of self storage.Branding & Logo Design

Logo and Print Material Design

A custom logo can be created for a newly developed storage container company, portable storage business, or self storage facility or to refresh an established company’s brand. The logo will use your storage company’s colors and can incorporate the company’s city in the design. The logo design process will include outlining your ideas, choosing fonts and colors, and refining the layout. A tagline, slogan, or jingle can be added to increase your storage company’s brand awareness and recognition. These design elements will be used in a variety of ways, including website design, signage, business cards, print marketing material and social media. Consistency across all of your storage company’s marketing materials is key for tenants to remember your brand.

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